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Cytokine responses to Cyathostominae larvae in the equine large intestinal wall

Davidson, A. J., Hodgkinson, Jane E., Proudman, C. J. and Matthews, J. B. (2005) 'Cytokine responses to Cyathostominae larvae in the equine large intestinal wall'. Research in Veterinary Science, Vol 78, Issue 2, pp. 169-176.

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To investigate cytokine responses in cyathostomin infection, we quantified mucosal interleukin-4 (IL-4), interleukin-10 (IL-10), tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and interferon (IFN)-gamma by reverse transcriptase-competitive polymerase chain reaction. The analysis was performed on large intestinal wall samples obtained from six anatomical sites spanning the caecum and colon of 17 naturally exposed horses. The numbers of developing larvae (DL) and early third stage larvae (EL3) were ascertained using transmural illumination and pepsin digestion techniques, respectively. Levels of each cytokine transcript were correlated with local intestinal wall burdens of Cyathostominac larvae. IL-4 and IL-10 levels showed significant correlations with EL3 and DL burdens at several sites. No significant correlations were observed with IFNgamma. A pro-inflammatory response, typified by detection of TNFalpha transcript, was observed at a few sites in some horses with inflammatory enteropathy associated with emerging or emerged larvae. However, this cytokine was measured at an insufficient number of sites to enable statistical analysis. Levels of IL-4, IL-10 and IFNgamma transcript were compared between two groups: one group consisting of horses with low to high mucosal burdens (Group A) and the other, of horses with negative/negligible mucosal burdens (Group B). Significant differences in IL-4 (P < 0.001) and IL-10 (P < 0.001) transcript levels were observed between the groups, with higher levels observed in Group A. No significant differences in IFNgamma were observed. Taken together, these results indicate that Th2 responses predominate in mucosal Cyathostominae infection prior to larval reactivation. (C) 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: cyathostominae; cytokines; colitis; reverse transcriptase-competitive; pcr; messenger-rna expression; horses horses infection enteropathy resistance parasites disease
Subjects: QX Parasitology > QX 4 General works
Faculty: Department: Groups (2002 - 2012) > Veterinary Parasitology Group (2002-2008)
Depositing User: Ms Julia Martin
Date Deposited: 01 Dec 2011 14:16
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