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In vitro procoagulant and anticoagulant properties of Naja naja naja venom

Sundell, I. B., Ranby, M., Zuzel, M., Robinson, K. A. and Theakston, R.David G. (2003) 'In vitro procoagulant and anticoagulant properties of Naja naja naja venom'. Toxicon, Vol 42, Issue 3, pp. 239-247.

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Bites by the Indian cobra (Naja naja naja) are common in India and Sri Lanka because of its close association with humans. Cobra venoms are complex and contain several toxic components, including neurotoxins that cause post-synaptic neuromuscular blockade with respiratory paralysis and even death. Bites may also cause extensive local necrosis by mechanisms not fully elucidated. Although no significant coagulopathy has been reported, N.n. naja venom can form blood clots in vitro by activating prothrombin as demonstrated by thrombin-specific chromogenic substrate. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrates that the clots formed by venom lack the thin fibrin strands of normal blood clots formed by thromboplastin or glass contact. Rheometry shows that clots formed by venom have abnormally low elasticity over an extended period and then, as the platelets contract, a retarded and more feeble increase in elasticity. Purified N.n. naja venom PLA(2) inhibits platelet aggregation in PRP and explains the decreased clot retraction and retarded and compromised elasticity build up. The present study shows that the PLA(2) and the prothrombin activator from N.n. naja venom have effects on haemostasis and blood clotting, although such effects are not observed systemically in envenomed humans. (C) 2003 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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