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Transcriptome profiling of the whitefly Bemisia tabacireveals stage-specific gene expression signatures for thiamethoxam resistance

Yang, N., Xie, W., Jones, Christopher ORCID:, Bass, C., Jiao, X., Yang, X., Liu, B., Li, R. and Zhang, Y. (2013) 'Transcriptome profiling of the whitefly Bemisia tabacireveals stage-specific gene expression signatures for thiamethoxam resistance'. Insect Molecular Biology, Vol 22, Issue 5, pp. 485-496.

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Bemisia tabaci has developed high levels of resistance to many insecticides including the neonicotinoids and there is strong evidence that for some compounds resistance is stage-specific. To investigate the molecular basis of B. tabaci resistance to the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam we used a custom whitefly microarray to compare gene expression in the egg, nymph and adult stages of a thiamethoxam-resistant strain (TH-R) with a susceptible strain (TH-S). Gene ontology and bioinformatic analyses revealed that in all life stages many of the differentially expressed transcripts encoded enzymes involved in metabolic processes and/or metabolism of xenobiotics. Several of these are candidate resistance genes and include the cytochrome P450 CYP6CM1, which has been shown to confer resistance to several neonicotinoids previously, a P450 belonging to the Cytochrome P450s 4 family and a glutathione S-transferase (GST) belonging to the sigma class. Finally several ATP-binding cassette transporters of the ABCG subfamily were highly over-expressed in the adult stage of the TH-R strain and may play a role in resistance by active efflux. Here, we evaluated both common and stage-specific gene expression signatures and identified several candidate resistance genes that may underlie B. tabaci resistance to thiamethoxam.

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