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Solano, Gabriela, Cunningham, Sinead, Edge, Becky, Duran, Gina, Sanchez, Adriana, Villalta, Mauren, Clare, Rachel ORCID:, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Marriott, Amy, Abada, Camille, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Keen, Molly, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Stienstra, Ymkje, Abouyannis, Michael ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, León, Guillermo and Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID: (2024) 'African polyvalent antivenom can maintain pharmacological stability and ability to neutralise murine venom lethality for decades post-expiry: evidence for increasing antivenom shelf life to aid in alleviating chronic shortages'. BMJ Global Health, Vol 9, Issue 3, e014813.

Khalek, Irene S., Senji Laxme, R. R., Nguyen, Yen Thi Kim, Khochare, Suyog, Patel, Rohit, Woehl, Jordan, Smith, Jessica M., Saye-Francisco, Karen, Kim, Yoojin, Misson Mindrebo, Laetitia, Tran, Quoc, Kędzior, Mateusz, Boré, Evy, Limbo, Oliver, Verma, Megan, Stanfield, Robyn L., Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Ainsworth, Stuart, Harrison, Robert, Burton, Dennis R., Sok, Devin, Wilson, Ian A., Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Sunagar, Kartik and Jardine, Joseph G. (2024) 'Synthetic development of a broadly neutralizing antibody against snake venom long-chain α-neurotoxins'. Science Translational Medicine, Vol 16, Issue 735.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Arinto-Garcia, Raquel, Amorim, Fernanda Gobbi, Cardoso, Iara Aimê, Abada, Camille, Crasset, Thomas, Durbesson, Fabien, Edge, Rebecca J., El-Kazzi, Priscila, Hall, Sophie, Redureau, Damien, Stenner, Richard, Boldrini-França, Johara, Sun, Huan, Roldão, António, Alves, Paula M., Harrison, Robert, Vincentelli, Renaud, Berger, Imre, Quinton, Loïc, Casewell, Nicholas R. and Schaffitzel, Christiane (2023) 'ADDovenom: Thermostable Protein-Based ADDomer Nanoparticles as New Therapeutics for Snakebite Envenoming'. Toxins, Vol 15, Issue 12, e673.

Amorim, Fernanda Gobbi, Redureau, Damien, Crasset, Thomas, Freuville, Lou, Baiwir, Dominique, Mazzucchelli, Gabriel, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: and Quinton, Loïc (2023) 'Next-Generation Sequencing for Venomics: Application of Multi-Enzymatic Limited Digestion for Inventorying the Snake Venom Arsenal'. Toxins, Vol 15, Issue 6, p. 357.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Litschka-Koen, Thea, Edge, Becky, Alsolaiss, Jaffar, Crittenden, Edouard, Hall, Steven, Westhorpe, Adam, Thomas, Brent ORCID:, Murray, James, Shongwe, Nondusimo, Padidar, Sara, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Pons, Jonathan and Harrison, Robert (2022) 'Two snakebite antivenoms have potential to reduce Eswatini’s dependency upon a single, increasingly unavailable product: Results of preclinical efficacy testing'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 16, Issue 9, e0010496.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Dawson, Charlotte, Crittenden, Edouard, Edge, Becky, Hall, Steven, Al Solaiss, Jaffer, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Harrison, Robert and Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID: (2022) 'Virus-like particles displaying conserved toxin epitopes stimulate polyspecific, murine antibody responses capable of snake venom recognition'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, Issue 1, p. 11328.

Alomran, Nessrin ORCID:, Blundell, Pat ORCID:, Alsolaiss, Jaffar, Crittenden, Edouard, Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Dawson, Charlotte, Edge, Becky, Hall, Steven, Harrison, Robert, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID: and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2022) 'Exploring the Utility of Recombinant Snake Venom Serine Protease Toxins as Immunogens for Generating Experimental Snakebite Antivenoms.'. Toxins, Vol 14, Issue 7, p. 443.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Clare, Rachel ORCID:, Xie, Chunfang, Westhorpe, Adam, Hall, Steven, Edge, Becky, Al Solaiss, Jaffer, Crittenden, Edouard, Marriott, Amy, Harrison, Robert, Kool, Jeroen and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2022) 'In vitro and in vivo preclinical venom inhibition assays identify metalloproteinase inhibiting drugs as potential future treatments for snakebite envenoming by Dispholidus typus'. Toxicon, Vol 14, p. 100118.

Kay, Grant Alistair, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Giorgi, Emanuele, Clark, David J., Williams, Chris, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Davies, Benedict M. O., Eckersley, Nicholas M., Hughes, Grant ORCID:, Kirwan, Daniela E., Krishna, Sanjeev, Patterson, Ian ORCID:, Planche, Tim, Staines, Henry M. and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2022) 'SARS-CoV-2 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays as proxies for plaque reduction neutralisation tests'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, Issue 1, e3351.

Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Williams, Chris, Garrod, Gala, Fraser, Alice, Baldwin, Lisa, Brown, Charlotte, Byrne, Rachel, Collins, Andrea ORCID:, CubasAtienzar, Ana, de Vos, Margaretha, Edwards, Thomas, Escadafal, Camille, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID:, Fletcher, Tom, Hyder-Wright, Angela, Kay, Grant Alistair, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Mason, Jenifer, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Mitsi, Elena, Planche, Tim, Sacks, Jilian A., Taylor, Joseph, Todd, Stacy, Tully, Caroline, Cuevas, Luis ORCID: and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2022) 'Twelve lateral flow immunoassays (LFAs) to detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies'. Journal of Infection, Vol 84, Issue 3, pp. 355-360.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Thomas, Aniekan, Tianyi, Frank, Abubakar, Saidu B., Nasidi, Abdulsalami, Durfa, Nandul, Patel, Rohit, Trelfa, Anna, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Habib, Abdulrazaq G. and Harrison, Robert (2021) 'Livestock herding and Fulani ethnicity are a combined risk factor for development of early adverse reactions to antivenom treatment: Findings from a cross-sectional study in Nigeria'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 15, Issue 8, e0009518.

Brown, Lottie, Byrne, Rachel, Fraser, Alice, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, CubasAtienzar, Ana, Williams, Chris, Kay, Grant Alistair, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Fitchett, Joseph R. A., Fletcher, Tom, Garrod, Gala, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Krishna, Sanjeev, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Planche, Tim, Sainter, Chris, Staines, Henry M., Turtle, Lance and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2021) 'Self-sampling of capillary blood for SARS-CoV-2 serology'. Scientific Reports, Vol 11, Issue 1, p. 7754.

Garrod, Gala, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Baillie, J. Kenneth, Baldwin, Lisa, Brown, Lottie, Byrne, Rachel, CubasAtienzar, Ana, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Fraser, Alice, Fletcher, Tom, Goodwin, Lynsey, Kay, Grant Alistair, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Mason, Jenifer, Openshaw, Peter J.M., Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Moore, Shona C., Semple, Malcolm G., Taylor, Joseph, Turtle, Lance C.W., Williams, Chris and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2021) 'Comparative evaluation of ten lateral flow immunoassays to detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 6, Issue 18.

Staines, Henry M, Kirwan, Daniela E, Clark, David J, Adams, Emily ORCID:, Augustin, Yolanda, Byrne, Rachel, Cocozza, Michael, CubasAtienzar, Ana, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Cusinato, Martina, Davies, Benedict M O, Davis, Mark, Davis, Paul, Duvoix, Annelyse, Eckersley, Nicholas M, Forton, Daniel, Fraser, Alice, Garrod, Gala, Hadcocks, Linda, Hu, Qinxue, Johnson, Michael, Kay, Grant Alistair, Klekotko, Kesja, Lewis, Zawditu, Mensah-Kane, Josephine, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Monahan, Irene, Moore, Catherine, Nebe-von-Caron, Gerhard, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Sainter, Chris, Sall, Amadou A, Schouten, James, Williams, Chris, Wilkins, John, Woolston, Kevin, Fitchett, Joseph R A, Krishna, Sanjeev and Planche, Tim (2021) 'IgG Seroconversion and Pathophysiology in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection'. Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol 27, Issue 1, pp. 85-91.

Byrne, Rachel, Kay, Grant Alistair, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Aljayyoussi, Ghaith, Brown, Lottie, Collins, Andrea ORCID:, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID:, Fletcher, Tom, Fraser, Alice, Garrod, Gala, Hill, Helen, Hughes, Grant ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Mitsi, Elena, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Patterson, Ian ORCID:, Todd, Stacy, Williams, Chris, Hyder-Wright, Angela, Adams, Emily ORCID: and CubasAtienzar, Ana (2020) 'Saliva Alternative to Upper Respiratory Swabs for SARS-CoV-2 Diagnosis'. Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol 26, Issue 11, pp. 2769-2770.

Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: and Harrison, Robert (2020) 'An analysis of pre-clinical efficacy testing of antivenoms for sub-Saharan Africa: Inadequate independent scrutiny and poor-quality reporting are barriers to improving snakebite treatment and management'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 8, e0008579.

Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID: and Pleass, Richard ORCID: (2020) 'Animal derived antibodies should be considered alongside convalescent human plasma to deliver treatments for COVID-19'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 5, Issue 115.

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