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Bartlett, Keirah, Hall, Steven, Rasmussen, Sean A., Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Albulescu, Laura-Oana ORCID:, Laprade, William, Harrison, Robert, Saviola, Anthony J., Modahl, Cassandra, Jenkins, Timothy P., Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Gutiérrez, José María and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2024) 'Dermonecrosis caused by a spitting cobra snakebite results from toxin potentiation and is prevented by the repurposed drug varespladib'. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol 121, Issue 19, e2315597121.

Hall, Steven, Rasmussen, Sean A., Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Bartlett, Keirah, Westhorpe, Adam, Albulescu, Laura-Oana ORCID:, Kool, Jeroen, Gutiérrez, José María and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2023) 'Repurposed drugs and their combinations prevent morbidity-inducing dermonecrosis caused by diverse cytotoxic snake venoms'. Nature Communications, Vol 14, Issue 1, e7812.

Laprade, William, Bartlett, Keirah, Christensen, Charlotte R., Kazandjian, Taline ORCID:, Patel, Rohit, Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Mansourvar, Marjan, Wolff, Darian S., Fryer, Thomas, Laustsen, Andreas H., Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Gutiérrez, José María, Hall, Steven and Jenkins, Timothy P. (2023) 'Machine-learning guided Venom Induced Dermonecrosis Analysis tooL: VIDAL'. Scientific Reports, Vol 13, Issue 1, e21662.

Lüddecke, Tim, Damm, Maik, Laxme Rr, Senji and Dawson, Charlotte (2023) 'Diversity, self-perception and future perspectives of early career researchers in toxinology: Lessons from the 21st world congress of the international society on toxinology'. Toxicon, Vol 236, e107343.

Hall, Steven, Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Bartlett, Keirah, Westhorpe, Adam, Albulescu, Laura-Oana ORCID: and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2023) 'Drug combination therapies effectively inhibit the dermonecrotic activity of cytotoxic venoms from geographically diverse snake species in vivo' in British Pharmacological Society 2022, Tuesday 13th September.

Ahmadi, Shirin, Pachis, Spyridon T., Kalogeropoulos, Konstantinos, McGeoghan, Farrell, Canbay, Vahap, Hall, Steven, Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Bartlett, Keirah, Gutiérrez, José María, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Keller, Ulrich auf dem and Laustsen, Andreas H. (2022) 'Proteomics and histological assessment of an organotypic model of human skin following exposure to Naja nigricollis venom'. Toxicon, Vol 220, p. 106955.

Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Dawson, Charlotte, Crittenden, Edouard, Edge, Becky, Hall, Steven, Al Solaiss, Jaffer, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Harrison, Robert and Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID: (2022) 'Virus-like particles displaying conserved toxin epitopes stimulate polyspecific, murine antibody responses capable of snake venom recognition'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, Issue 1, p. 11328.

Alomran, Nessrin ORCID:, Blundell, Pat ORCID:, Alsolaiss, Jaffar, Crittenden, Edouard, Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Dawson, Charlotte, Edge, Becky, Hall, Steven, Harrison, Robert, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID: and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2022) 'Exploring the Utility of Recombinant Snake Venom Serine Protease Toxins as Immunogens for Generating Experimental Snakebite Antivenoms.'. Toxins, Vol 14, Issue 7, p. 443.

Dawson, Charlotte (2021) Development of a Novel Therapeutic for the Treatment of Snakebite Induced Necrosis in Sub-Saharan Africa, Thesis (Doctoral), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Albulescu, Laura-Oana ORCID:, Xie, C, Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Al Solaiss, Jaffer, Crittenden, Edouard, Dawson, Charlotte, Softley, R, Bartlett, Keirah, Harrison, Robert, Kool, J and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2020) 'A therapeutic combination of two small molecule toxin inhibitors provides broad preclinical efficacy against viper snakebite'. Nature communications, Vol 11, Issue 6094.

Dawson, Charlotte, Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID: and Harrison, Robert (2020) 'Cross-species and geographic potential of B-cell epitope strings identified for generation of an Africa-specific snake venom-induced necrosis therapeutic'. Toxicon, Vol 177, Issue S1, S34-S35.

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