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Alker, Alisa P., Juliano, Jonathan J., Meshnick, Steven R., Owen, Andrew, Ochong, Edwin, Bell, David J., Johnson, David, d'Alessandro, Umberto, Mulenga, Modest, Muangnoicharoen, Sant, Van Geertruyden, J. P., Winstanley, Peter A., Bray, Patrick and Ward, Steve ORCID: (2009) 'Plasmodium falciparum and Dihydrofolate Reductase I164L Mutations in Africa Reply'. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol 53, Issue 4, pp. 1722-1723.

Araujo, N. C. P., Barton, V., Jones, M., Stocks, Paul A., Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Davies, Jill, Bray, Patrick, Shone, Alison, Cristiano, M. L. S. and O'Neill, P. M. (2009) 'Semi-synthetic and synthetic 1,2,4-trioxaquines and 1,2,4-trioxolaquines: synthesis, preliminary SAR and comparison with acridine endoperoxide conjugates'. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Vol 19, Issue 7, pp. 2038-2043.

Ariaratnam, C. A., Rezvi Sheriff, M. H., Arambepola, C., Theakston, R.David G. and Warrell, D. A. (2009) 'Syndromic approach to treatment of snake bite in Sri Lanka based on results of a prospective national hospital-based survey of patients envenomed by identified snakes'. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 81, Issue 4, pp. 725-731.


Babiker, H. A., Hastings, Ian ORCID: and Swedberg, G. (2009) 'Impaired fitness of drug-resistant malaria parasites: evidence and implication on drug-deployment policies'. Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy, Vol 7, Issue 5, pp. 581-593.

Barlow, A., Pook, C. E., Harrison, Robert and Wuster, W. (2009) 'Coevolution of diet and prey-specific venom activity supports the role of selection in snake venom evolution'. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, Vol 276, Issue 1666, pp. 2443-2449.

Bell, David J., Wootton, D., Mukaka, Mavuto, Montgomery, Jacqui, Kayange, N., Chimpeni, P., Hughes, D. A., Molyneux, Malcolm E, Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Winstanley, P. A. and Lalloo, David ORCID: (2009) 'Measurement of adherence, drug concentrations and the effectiveness of artemether-lumefantrine, chlorproguanil-dapsone or sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Malawi'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, p. 11.

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Casewell, Nicholas, Harrison, Robert, Wüster, Wolfgang and Wagstaff, Simon ORCID: (2009) 'Comparative venom gland transcriptome surveys of the saw-scaled vipers (Viperidae: Echis) reveal substantial intra-family gene diversity and novel venom transcripts.'. BMC genomics, Vol 10, p. 564.

Cock, P. J. A., Rodrigues Antao, Tiago, Chang, J. T., Chapman, B. A., Cox, C. J., Dalke, A., Friedberg, I., Hamelryck, T., Kauff, F., Wilczynski, B. and de Hoon, M. J. L. (2009) 'Biopython: freely available Python tools for computational molecular biology and bioinformatics'. Bioinformatics, Vol 25, Issue 11, pp. 1422-1423.

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Debrah, A. Y., Mand, S., Marfo-Debrekyei, Y., Batsa, L., Pfarr, K., Lawson, B., Taylor, Mark ORCID:, Adjei, O. and Hoerauf, A. (2009) 'Reduction in Levels of Plasma Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-A and Improvement in Hydrocele Patients by Targeting Endosymbiotic Wolbachia sp in Wuchereria bancrofti with Doxycycline'. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 80, Issue 6, pp. 956-963.


Ford, Louise, Zhang, J., Liu, J., Hashmi, S., Fuhrman, J. A., Oksov, Y. and Lustigman, S. (2009) 'Functional Analysis of the Cathepsin-Like Cysteine Protease Genes in Adult Brugia malayi Using RNA Interference'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 3, Issue 2, e377.


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Henrichfreise, B., Schiefer, A., Schneider, T., Nzukou, E., Poellinger, C., Hoffmann, T. J., Johnston, Kelly, Moelleken, K., Wiedemann, L., Pfarr, K., Hoerauf, A. and Sahl, H. G. (2009) 'Functional conservation of the lipid II biosynthesis pathway in the cell wall-less bacteria chlamydia and wolbachia: Why is lipid II needed?'. Molecular Microbiology, Vol 73, Issue 5, pp. 913-923.

Hora, R., Bridges, D. J., Craig, Alister ORCID: and Sharma, A. (2009) 'Erythrocytic Casein Kinase II Regulates Cytoadherence of Plasmodium falciparum-infected Red Blood Cells'. Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol 284, Issue 10, pp. 6260-6269.

Horata, N., Kalambaheti, T., Craig, Alister ORCID: and Khusmith, S. (2009) 'Sequence variation of PfEMP1-DBL alpha in association with rosette formation in Plasmodium falciparum isolates causing severe and uncomplicated malaria'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, p. 184.


Jones, M., Mercer, A. E., Stocks, Paul A., La Pensee, L. J. I., Cosstick, R., Park, B. K., Kennedy, M. E., Piantanida, I., Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Davies, Jill, Bray, Patrick, Rawe, S. L., Baird, J., Charidza, T., Janneh, O. and O'Neill, P. M. (2009) 'Antitumour and antimalarial activity of artemisinin-acridine hybrids'. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Vol 19, Issue 7, pp. 2033-2037.


Larkin, D., De Laat, B., Jenkins, P. V., Bunn, J., Craig, Alister ORCID:, Terraube, V., Preston, R. J. S., Donkor, C., Grau, G. E., Van Mourik, J. A. and O'Donnell, J. S. (2009) 'Severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria is associated with circulating ultra-large von willebrand multimers and ADAMTS13 inhibition'. PLoS Pathogens, Vol 5, Issue 3, e1000349.

Lian, L. Y., Al-Helal, Mohammed, Roslaini, A. M., Fisher, Nicholas, Bray, Patrick, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: (2009) 'Glycerol: An unexpected major metabolite of energy metabolism by the human malaria parasite'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, p. 38.

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Muangnoicharoen, Sant, Johnson, David, Looareesuwan, S., Krudsood, S. and Ward, Steve ORCID: (2009) 'Role of Known Molecular Markers of Resistance in the Antimalarial Potency of Piperaquine and Dihydroartemisinin In Vitro'. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol 53, Issue 4, pp. 1362-1366.

Mwai, L., Ochong, Edwin, Abdirahman, A., Kiara, S. M., Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Kokwaro, G., Sasi, P., Marsh, Kevin, Borrmann, S., Mackinnon, M. and Nzila, Alexis (2009) 'Chloroquine resistance before and after its withdrawal in Kenya'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, p. 106.


Nkhoma, Standwell, Nair, S., Mukaka, Mavuto, Molyneux, Malcolm E, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Anderson, T. J. C. (2009) 'Parasites bearing a single copy of the multi-drug resistance gene (pfmdr-1) with wild-type SNPs predominate amongst Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Malawi'. Acta Tropica, Vol 111, Issue 1, pp. 78-81.

Norris, R. L., Pfalzgraf, R. R. and Laing, G. (2009) 'Death following coral snake bite in the United States - First documented case (with ELISA confirmation of envenomation) in over 40 years'. Toxicon, Vol 53, Issue 6, pp. 693-697.


O'Neill, Paul M., Park, B. Kevin, Shone, Alison, Maggs, James L., Roberts, Phillip, Stocks, Paul A., Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Bray, Patrick, Gibbons, Peter, Berry, Neil, Winstanley, Peter A., Mukhtar, Amira, Bonar-Law, Richard, Hindley, Stephen, Bambal, Ramesh B., Davis, Charles B., Bates, Martin, Hart, Timothy K., Gresham, Stephanie L., Lawrence, Ron M., Brigandi, Richard A., Gomez-delas-Heras, Federico M., Gargallo, Domingo V. and Ward, Stephen ORCID: (2009) 'Candidate Selection and Preclinical Evaluation of N-tert-Butyl Isoquine (GSK369796), An Affordable and Effective 4-Aminoquinoline Antimalarial for the 21st Century'. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 52, Issue 5, pp. 1408-1415.

O'Neill, Paul M., Shone, Alison, Stanford, Deborah, Nixon, Gemma, Asadollahy, Eghbaleh, Park, B. Kevin, Maggs, James L., Roberts, Phil, Stocks, Paul A., Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Bray, Patrick, Davies, Jill, Berry, Neil, Hall, Charlotte, Rimmer, Karen, Winstanley, Peter A., Hindley, Stephen, Bambal, Ramesh B., Davis, Charles B., Bates, Martin, Gresham, Stephanie L., Brigandi, Richard A., Gomez-de-las-Heras, Federico M., Gargallo, Domingo V., Parapini, Silvia, Vivas, Livia, Lander, Hollie, Taramelli, Donatella and Ward, Stephen ORCID: (2009) 'Synthesis, Antimalarial Activity, and Preclinical Pharmacology of a Novel Series of 4′-Fluoro and 4′-Chloro Analogues of Amodiaquine. Identification of a Suitable “Back-Up” Compound for N-tert-Butyl Isoquine'. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 52, Issue 7, pp. 1828-1844.


Phiri, H., Montgomery, Jacqui, Molyneux, Malcolm E and Craig, Alister ORCID: (2009) 'Competitive endothelial adhesion between Plasmodium falciparum isolates under physiological flow conditions'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, Issue 1, p. 214.

Pongtavornpinyo, W., Hastings, Ian ORCID:, Dondorp, A., White, L. J., Maude, R. J., Saralamba, S., Day, N. P., White, N. J. and Boni, M. F. (2009) 'Probability of emergence of antimalarial resistance in different stages of the parasite life cycle'. Evolutionary Applications, Vol 2, Issue 1, pp. 52-61.

Premji, Z., Umeh, R. E., Owusu-Agyei, S., Esamai, F., Ezedinachi, E. U., Oguche, S., Borrmann, S., Sowunmi, A., Duparc, S., Kirby, P. L., Pamba, A., Kellam, L., Guiguemdé, R., Greenwood, B., Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Winstanley, P. A. (2009) 'Chlorproguanil - Dapsone - Artesunate versus artemether - Lumefantrine: A randomized, double-blind phase III trial in African children and adolescents with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria'. PLoS ONE, Vol 4, Issue 8, e6682.


Rogers, Matthew E., Kropf, P., Choi, B. S., Dillon, Rod, Podinovskaia, M., Bates, Paul and Müller, I. (2009) 'Proteophosophoglycans regurgitated by Leishmania-infected sand flies target the L-arginine metabolism of host macrophages to promote parasite survival'. PLoS Pathogens, Vol 5, Issue 8, e1000555.


Taylor, Mark ORCID:, Awadzi, K., Basanez, M. G., Biritwum, N., Boakye, D., Boatin, B., Bockarie, Moses, Churcher, T. S., Debrah, A., Edwards, Geoffrey, Hoerauf, A., Mand, S., Matthews, G., Osei-Atweneboana, M., Prichard, R. K., Wanji, S. and Adjei, O. (2009) 'Onchocerciasis Control: Vision for the Future from a Ghanian perspective'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 2, e7.

Turner, Joseph ORCID:, Langley, R. Stuart, Johnston, Kelly, Gentil, Katrin, Ford, Louise, Wu, Bo, Graham, Maia, Sharpley, Faye, Slatko, Barton, Pearlman, Eric and Taylor, Mark ORCID: (2009) 'Wolbachia lipoprotein stimulates innate and adaptive immunity through Toll-like receptors 2 and 6 to induce disease manifestations of filariasis.'. The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol 284, Issue 33, pp. 22364-22378.


Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Sanz, L., Juarez, P., Harrison, Robert and Calvete, J. J. (2009) 'Combined snake venomics and venom gland transcriptomic analysis of the ocellated carpet viper, Echis ocellatus'. Journal of Proteomics, Vol 71, Issue 6, pp. 609-623.

Wanji, S., Tendongfor, N., Nji, T., Esum, M., Che, J. N., Nkwescheu, A., Alassa, F., Kamnang, G., Enyong, P. A., Taylor, Mark ORCID:, Hoerauf, A. and Taylor, D. W. (2009) 'Community-directed delivery of doxycycline for the treatment of onchocerciasis in areas of co-endemicity with loiasis in Cameroon'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 2, e39.

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