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Abubakar, S B, Abubakar, I S, Habib, A G, Nasidi, A, Durfa, N, Yusuf, P O, Larnyang, S, Garnvwa, John, Sokomba, E, Salako, L, Laing, Gavin, Theakston, R.David G., Juszczak, E, Alder, N and Warrell, D A (2010) 'Pre-clinical and preliminary dose-finding and safety studies to identify candidate antivenoms for treatment of envenoming by saw-scaled or carpet vipers (Echis ocellatus) in northern Nigeria.'. Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, Vol 55, Issue 4, pp. 719-23.

Amewu, Richard, Gibbons, Peter, Mukhtar, Amira, Stachulski, Andrew V., Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Hall, Charlotte, Rimmer, Karen, Davies, Jill, Vivas, Livia, Bacsa, John, Mercer, Amy E., Nixon, Gemma, Stocks, Paul A. and O'Neill, Paul M. (2010) 'Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo antimalarial assessment of sulfide, sulfone and vinyl amide-substituted 1,2,4-trioxanes prepared via thiol-olefin co-oxygenation (TOCO) of allylic alcohols.'. Organic & biomolecular chemistry, Vol 8, Issue 9, pp. 2068-77.


Barnwell, Eleanor M, van Deursen, Frederick J, Jeacock, Laura, Smith, Katherine A, Maizels, Rick M, Acosta Serrano, Alvaro and Matthews, Keith (2010) 'Developmental regulation and extracellular release of a VSG expression-site-associated gene product from Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms.'. Journal of cell science, Vol 123, Issue Pt 19, pp. 3401-11.

Barton, Victoria, Fisher, Nicholas, Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and O'Neill, Paul M. (2010) 'Inhibiting Plasmodium cytochrome bc1: a complex issue.'. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Vol 14, Issue 4, pp. 440-446.

Barton, Victoria, Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Chadwick, James, Hill, Alasdair and O'Neill, Paul M (2010) 'Rationale design of biotinylated antimalarial endoperoxide carbon centered radical prodrugs for applications in proteomics.'. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol 53, Issue 11, pp. 4555-4559.

Boulton, Ian C, Nwaka, Solomon, Bathurst, Ian, Lanzer, Michael, Taramelli, Donatella, Vial, Henri, Doerig, Christian, Chibale, Kelly and Ward, Stephen ORCID: (2010) 'CRIMALDDI: a co-ordinated, rational, and integrated effort to set logical priorities in anti-malarial drug discovery initiatives.'. Malaria Journal, Vol 9, Issue :202.

Bridges, Daniel J, Bunn, J., van Mourik, Jan A, Grau, Georges, Preston, Roger J S, Molyneux, Malcolm E, Combes, Valery, O'Donnell, James S, de Laat, Bas and Craig, Alister ORCID: (2010) 'Rapid activation of endothelial cells enables Plasmodium falciparum adhesion to platelet-decorated von Willebrand factor strings.'. Blood, Vol 115, Issue 7, pp. 1472-4.


Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Cook, Darren, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Nasidi, Abdulsalami, Durfa, Nandul, Wüster, Wolfgang and Harrison, Robert (2010) 'Pre-clinical assays predict pan-African Echis viper efficacy for a species-specific antivenom.'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 4, Issue 10, e851.

Chemale, Gustavo, Perally, Samirah, LaCourse, James ORCID:, Prescott, Mark C, Jones, Laura M, Ward, Deborah, Meaney, Myles, Hoey, Elizabeth, Brennan, Gerard P, Fairweather, Ian, Trudgett, Alan and Brophy, Peter M (2010) 'Comparative proteomic analysis of triclabendazole response in the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica.'. Journal of Proteome Research, Vol 9, Issue 10, pp. 4940-51.

Cook, Darren, Samarasekara, Chamali L, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Kinne, Joerg, Wernery, Ulrich and Harrison, Robert (2010) 'Analysis of camelid IgG for antivenom development: Immunoreactivity and preclinical neutralisation of venom-induced pathology by IgG subclasses, and the effect of heat treatment.'. Toxicon, Vol 56, Issue 4, pp. 596-603.

Cook, Darren, Owen, Timothy, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Kinne, Joerg, Wernery, Ulrich and Harrison, Robert (2010) 'Analysis of camelid IgG for antivenom development: Serological responses of venom-immunised camels to prepare either monospecific or polyspecific antivenoms for West Africa.'. Toxicon, Vol 56, Issue 3, pp. 363-72.

Cook, Darren, Owen, Timothy, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Kinne, Joerg, Wernery, Ulrich and Harrison, Robert (2010) 'Analysis of camelid antibodies for antivenom development: Neutralisation of venom-induced pathology.'. Toxicon, Vol 56, Issue 3, pp. 373-80.

Currier, Rachel B., Harrison, Robert, Rowley, Paul, Laing, Gavin and Wagstaff, Simon ORCID: (2010) 'Intra-specific variation in venom of the African Puff Adder (Bitis arietans): Differential expression and activity of snake venom metalloproteinases (SVMPs)'. Toxicon, Vol 55, Issue 4, 864 - 873.

Czajkowsky, Daniel M, Salanti, Ali, Ditlev, Sisse B, Shao, Zhifeng, Ghumra, Ashfaq, Rowe, J Alexandra and Pleass, Richard ORCID: (2010) 'IgM, Fc mu Rs, and malarial immune evasion.'. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), Vol 184, Issue 9, pp. 4597-603.


de Souza, J Brian, Okomo, Uduak, Alexander, Neal D, Aziz, Naveed, Owens, Benjamin M J, Kaur, Harparkash, Jasseh, Momodou, Muangnoicharoen, Sant, Sumariwalla, Percy F, Warhurst, David C, Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Conway, David J, Ulloa, Luis, Tracey, Kevin J, Foxwell, Brian M J, Kaye, Paul M and Walther, Michael (2010) 'Oral activated charcoal prevents experimental cerebral malaria in mice and in a randomized controlled clinical trial in man did not interfere with the pharmacokinetics of parenteral artesunate.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 5, Issue 4, e9867.


Finaurini, Sara, Ronzoni, Luisa, Colancecco, Alessandra, Cattaneo, Alessandra, Cappellini, Maria Domenica, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Taramelli, Donatella (2010) 'Selective toxicity of dihydroartemisinin on human CD34+ erythroid cell differentiation.'. Toxicology, Vol 276, Issue 2, pp. 128-34.

Fisher, Nicholas, Warman, Ashley, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: (2010) 'Chapter 17 Type II NADH: Quinone Oxidoreductases of Plasmodium Falciparum and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Kinetic and High-Throughput Assays' in: Allison, W. S. and Scheffler, I. E., (eds) Methods in Enzymology, 456, San Diego, Calif., Academic Press, pp. 303-320.


Gibbons, Peter, Verissimo, Edite, Araujo, Nuna C, Barton, Victoria, Nixon, Gemma L, Amewu, Richard K, Chadwick, James, Stocks, Paul A., Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Srivastava, Abhishek, Rosenthal, Philip J, Gut, Jiri, Guedes, Rita C, Moreira, Rui, Sharma, Raman, Berry, Neil, Cristiano, M Lurdes S, Shone, Alison, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and O'Neill, Paul M (2010) 'Endoperoxide carbonyl falcipain 2/3 inhibitor hybrids: toward combination chemotherapy of malaria through a single chemical entity.'. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol 53, Issue 22, pp. 8202-6.

Greganova, Eva, Bütikofer, Peter and Acosta Serrano, Alvaro (2010) 'The protease resistant surface (PRS) glycoconjugate from Trypanosoma congolense has an inositol-acylated glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor, containing a significant proportion of myristate at the sn-2 position [short communication]'. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, Vol 171, Issue 1, pp. 50-54.


Habib, Abdulrazaq G., Nasidi, Abdulsalami, Alder, Nicola, Juszczak, Edmund, Theakston, R.David G. and Warrell, David A. (2010) 'Response to a letter from J-P Chippaux and L Boyer entitled: “The 3 + 3 dose escalation design is not appropriate for antivenom dose finding.”'. Toxicon, Vol 55, Issue 7, 1410 - 1411.

Henry, Roselani I, Cobbold, Simon A., Allen, Richard J. W., Khan, Asif, Hayward, Rhys, Lehane, Adele M., Bray, Patrick, Howitt, Susan M., Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Saliba, Kevin J. and Kirk, Kiaran (2010) 'An acid-loading chloride transport pathway in the intraerythrocytic malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.'. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol 285, Issue 24, pp. 18615-18626.

Hughes, Katie R, Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: and Craig, Alister ORCID: (2010) 'Continued cytoadherence of Plasmodium falciparum infected red blood cells after antimalarial treatment.'. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, Vol 169, Issue 2, pp. 71-78.


Johnston, Kelly, Wu, Bo, Guimarães, Ana, Ford, Louise, Slatko, Barton E and Taylor, Mark (2010) 'Lipoprotein biosynthesis as a target for anti-Wolbachia treatment of filarial nematodes'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 3, e99.


Kongkathip, Ngampong, Pradidphol, Narathip, Hasitapan, Komkrit, Grigg, Ronald, Kao, Wei-Chun, Hunte, Carola, Fisher, Nicholas, Warman, Ashley, Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Kongsaeree, Palangpon, Chuawong, Pitak and Kongkathip, Boonsong (2010) 'Transforming rhinacanthin analogues from potent anticancer agents into potent antimalarial agents.'. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol 53, Issue 3, pp. 1211-1221.


Lucumi, Edinson, Darling, Claire, Jo, Hyunil, Napper, Andrew D., Chandramohanadas, Rajesh, Fisher, Nicholas, Shone, Alison, Jing, Huiyan, Ward, Steve ORCID:, Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, DeGrado, William F, Diamond, Scott L and Greenbaum, Doron C (2010) 'Discovery of potent small-molecule inhibitors of multidrug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum using a novel miniaturized high-throughput luciferase-based assay.'. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol 54, Issue 9, pp. 3597-3604.


Marfurt, Jutta, Smith, Thomas A, Hastings, Ian ORCID:, Müller, Ivo, Sie, Albert, Oa, Olive, Baisor, Moses, Reeder, John C, Beck, Hans-Peter and Genton, Blaise (2010) 'Plasmodium falciparum resistance to anti-malarial drugs in Papua New Guinea: evaluation of a community-based approach for the molecular monitoring of resistance.'. Malaria Journal, Vol 9, Issue :8.


Nduati, Eunice W., Ng, Dorothy H. L., Ndungu, Francis M., Gardner, Peter, Urban, Britta ORCID: and Langhorne, Jean (2010) 'Distinct kinetics of memory B-cell and plasma-cell responses in peripheral blood following a blood-stage Plasmodium chabaudi infection in mice.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 5, Issue 11, e15007.

Niederer, Heather A., Willcocks, Lisa C., Rayner, Tim F., Yang, Wanling, Lau, Yu Lung, Williams, Thomas N., Scott, J. Anthony G., Urban, Britta ORCID:, Peshu, Norbert, Dunstan, Sarah J., Hien, Tran Tinh, Phu, Nguyen Hoan, Padyukov, Leonid, Gunnarsson, Iva, Svenungsson, Elisabet, Savage, Caroline O., Watts, Richard A., Lyons, Paul A., Clayton, David G. and Smith, Kenneth G. C. (2010) 'Copy number, linkage disequilibrium and disease association in the FCGR locus.'. Human molecular genetics, Vol 19, Issue 16, pp. 3282-3294.


O'Neill, Paul M, Amewu, Richard K, Nixon, Gemma L, Bousejra ElGarah, Fatima, Mungthin, Mathirut, Chadwick, James, Shone, Alison, Vivas, Livia, Lander, Hollie, Barton, Victoria, Muangnoicharoen, Sant, Bray, Patrick, Davies, Jill, Park, B Kevin, Wittlin, Sergio, Brun, Reto, Preschel, Michael, Zhang, Kesheng and Ward, Stephen ORCID: (2010) 'Identification of a 1,2,4,5-tetraoxane antimalarial drug-development candidate (RKA 182) with superior properties to the semisynthetic artemisinins.'. Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), Vol 49, Issue 33, pp. 5693-7.


Rodrigues Antao, Tiago (2010) 'interPopula: a Python API to access the HapMap Project dataset.'. BMC bioinformatics, Vol 11 Sup, Issue S 12, S10.


Segura, Alvaro, Villalta, Mauren, Herrera, María, León, Guillermo, Harrison, Robert, Durfa, Nandul, Nasidi, Abdusalami, Calvete, Juan J, Theakston, R.David G., Warrell, David A. and Gutiérrez, José María (2010) 'Preclinical assessment of the efficacy of a new antivenom (EchiTAb-Plus-ICP) for the treatment of viper envenoming in sub-Saharan Africa.'. Toxicon, Vol 55, Issue 2-3, pp. 369-374.

Slatko, Barton E., Taylor, Mark and Foster, Jeremy M. (2010) 'The Wolbachia endosymbiont as an anti-filarial nematode target.'. Symbiosis (Philadelphia, Pa.), Vol 51, Issue 1, pp. 55-65.


Turner, Joseph, Tendongfor, Nicholas, Esum, Mathias, Johnston, Kelly, Langley, R. Stuart, Ford, Louise, Faragher, Brian, Specht, Sabine, Mand, Sabine, Hoerauf, Achim, Enyong, Peter, Wanji, Samuel and Taylor, Mark (2010) 'Macrofilaricidal activity after doxycycline only treatment of Onchocerca volvulus in an area of Loa loa co-endemicity: a randomized controlled trial.'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 4, Issue 4, e660.


Vaiyapuri, Sakthivel, Harrison, Robert, Bicknell, Andrew B, Gibbins, Jonathan M and Hutchinson, Gail (2010) 'Purification and functional characterisation of Rhinocerase, a novel serine protease from the venom of Bitis gabonica rhinoceros.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 5, Issue 3, e9687.

Vaiyapuri, Sakthivel, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Watson, Kimberley A., Harrison, Robert, Gibbins, Jonathan M. and Hutchinson, E. Gail (2010) 'Purification and functional characterisation of rhiminopeptidase A, a novel aminopeptidase from the venom of Bitis gabonica rhinoceros.'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 4, Issue 8, e796.


Willcocks, Lisa C., Carr, Edward J., Niederer, Heather A., Rayner, Tim F., Williams, Thomas N., Yang, Wanling, Scott, J. Anthony G., Urban, Britta ORCID:, Peshu, Norbert, Vyse, Timothy J., Lau, Yu Lung, Lyons, Paul A. and Smith, Kenneth G. C. (2010) 'A defunctioning polymorphism in FCGR2B is associated with protection against malaria but susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus.'. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol 107, Issue 17, pp. 7881-7885.

Williams, David, Gutiérrez, José María, Harrison, Robert, Warrell, David A, White, Julian, Winkel, Kenneth D and Gopalakrishnakone, Ponnampalam (2010) 'The Global Snake Bite Initiative: an antidote for snake bite'. Lancet, Vol 375, Issue 9708, pp. 89-91.

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