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Arrahman, Arif, Kazandjian, Taline D, Still, Kristina B M, Slagboom, Julien, Somsen, Govert W, Vonk, Freek J, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: and Kool, Jeroen (2022) 'A Combined Bioassay and Nanofractionation Approach to Investigate the Anticoagulant Toxins of Mamba and Cobra Venoms and Their Inhibition by Varespladib.'. Toxins, Vol 14, Issue 11, e736.


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Kazandjian, Taline ORCID:, Hamilton, Brett R., Robinson, Samuel D., Hall, Steven, Bartlett, Keirah, Rowley, Paul, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: and Undheim, Eivind A. B. (2022) 'Physiological constraints dictate toxin spatial heterogeneity in snake venom glands'. BMC biology, Vol 20, Issue 1, e148.


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