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Betson, Martha and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2016) 'Ascarislumbricoides or Ascaris suum: What′s in a Name?'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 213, Issue 8, pp. 1355-1356.

Betson, Martha, Nejsum, P., Bendall, R. P., Deb, Rinki and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2014) 'Molecular Epidemiology of Ascariasis: A Global Perspective on the Transmission Dynamics of Ascaris in People and Pigs'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 210, Issue 6, pp. 932-941.

Farkas, Csaba, Juhász, Alexandra, Fekete, Balázs and Egri, Borisz (2024) 'Comparative Analysis of Ascaris suum and Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus Infections in Free-Ranging and Captive Wild Boars (Sus scrofa) in Hungary'. Animals, Vol 14, Issue 6, p. 932.

Jones, Ben P., van Vliet, Arnoud H. M., LaCourse, James ORCID: and Betson, Martha (2022) 'Identification of key interactions of benzimidazole resistance-associated amino acid mutations in Ascaris β-tubulins by molecular docking simulations'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, Issue 1, e13725.

Jones, Ben P., Kozel, Kezia, Alonte, Allen Jethro I., Llanes, Kennesa Klariz R., Juhász, Alexandra, Chaudhry, Umer, Roose, Sara, Geldhof, Peter, Belizario, Vicente Y., Nejsum, Peter, Stothard, Russell ORCID:, LaCourse, James ORCID:, van Vliet, Arnoud H. M., Paller, Vachel Gay V. and Betson, Martha (2024) 'Worldwide absence of canonical benzimidazole resistance-associated mutations within β-tubulin genes from Ascaris'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 17, Issue 1, e225.

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Mendonça, Lívia Ribeiro, Veiga, Rafael Valente, Dattoli, Vitor Camilo Cavalcante, Figueiredo, Camila Alexandrina, Fiaccone, Rosemeire, Santos, Jackson, Cruz, Álvaro Augusto, Rodrigues, Laura Cunha, Cooper, Philip, Pontes-de-Carvalho, Lain Carlos, Barreto, Maurício Lima and Alcantara-Neves, Neuza Maria (2012) 'Toxocara Seropositivity, Atopy and Wheezing in Children Living in Poor Neighbourhoods in Urban Latin American'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 6, Issue 11, e1886.

Nejsum, Peter, Betson, Martha and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2017) 'Analysis of Ribosomal DNA Cannot Unequivocally Assign Ascaris to Species Level or Identify Hybrids'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 216, Issue 5, pp. 616-617.

Nejsum, Peter, Hawash, Mohamed B F, Beston, Martha, Stothard, Russell ORCID:, Gasser, Robin B and Andersen, Lee O (2016) 'Ascaris phylogeny based on multiple whole mtDNA genomes'. Infection Genetics and Evolution, Vol 48, Issue March 2017, pp. 4-9.

Sparks, Alexandra M., Betson, M, Oviedo, G, Sandoval, C, Cooper, P J and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2015) 'Characterization of ascaris from Ecuador and Zanzibar'. Journal of Helminthology, Vol 89, Issue 4, pp. 512-515.

Book Section

Betson, Martha, Nejsum, Peter and Stothard, J. Russell ORCID: (2013) 'From the twig tips to the deeper branches: new insights into evolutionary history and phylogeography of Ascaris' in: Ascaris: the Neglected Parasite, London, Elsevier, pp. 265-285.

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O'Dempsey, Timothy ORCID: (2014) 'Soil-transmitted helminths' in: Tropical medicine : lecture notes, 7th ed., Chichester, Wiley, pp. 199-204.

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