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Abrams, Simon, Morton, Ben ORCID:, Alhamdi, Yasir, Alsabani, Mohmad, Cheng, Zhenxing, Lane, Steven, Welters, Ingeborg, Wang, Guozheng and Toh, Cheng-hock (2019) 'A novel assay of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs) formation independently predicts DIC and identifies the rationale for anti-IL-8 therapies'. Blood, Vol 134, Issue 1.

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Araujo, R. N., Soares, A. C., Paim, R. M. M., Gontijo, N. F., Gontijo, A. F., Lehane, Mike and Pereira, M. H. (2009) 'The role of salivary nitrophorins in the ingestion of blood by the triatomine bug Rhodnius prolixus (Reduviidae: Triatominae)'. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vol 39, Issue 2, pp. 83-89.


Barr, David A, Schutz, Charlotte, Balfour, Avuyonke, Shey, Muki, Kamariza, Mireille, Bertozzi, Carolyn R, de Wet, Timothy J, Dinkele, Ryan, Ward, Amy, Haigh, Kathryn A, Kanyik, Jean-Paul, Mizrahi, Valerie, Nicol, Mark P, Wilkinson, Robert J, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Warner, Digby F, Meintjes, Graeme and Davies, Gerry (2022) 'Serial measurement of M. tuberculosis in blood from critically-ill patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis.'. EBioMedicine, Vol 78, p. 103949.

Burel, Julie G., Singhania, Akul, Dubelko, Paige, Muller, Julius, Tanner, Rachel, Parizotto, Eneida, Dedicoat, Martin, Fletcher, Tom, Dunbar, James, Cunningham, Adam F., Lindestam Arlehamn, Cecilia S., Catanzaro, Donald G., Catanzaro, Antonino, Rodwell, Timothy, McShane, Helen, O'Shea, Matthew K. and Peters, Bjoern (2021) 'Distinct blood transcriptomic signature of treatment in latent tuberculosis infected individuals at risk of developing active disease'. Tuberculosis, Vol 131, p. 102127.


Cattamanchi, Adithya, Kaforou, Myrsini, Wright, Victoria J., Oni, Tolu, French, Neil, Anderson, Suzanne T., Bangani, Nonzwakazi, Banwell, Claire M., Brent, Andrew J., Crampin, Amelia C., Dockrell, Hazel M., Eley, Brian, Heyderman, Robert, Hibberd, Martin L., Kern, Florian, Langford, Paul R., Ling, Ling, Mendelson, Marc, Ottenhoff, Tom H., Zgambo, Femia, Wilkinson, Robert J., Coin, Lachlan J. and Levin, Michael (2013) 'Detection of Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected and -Uninfected African Adults Using Whole Blood RNA Expression Signatures: A Case-Control Study'. PLoS Medicine, Vol 10, Issue 10, e1001538.


Figueiredo, Camila Alexandrina, Rodrigues, Laura Cunha, Alcantara-Neves, Neuza Maria, Cooper, Philip, Amorim, Leila Denise, Silva, Nivea Bispo, Cruz, Alvaro A and Barreto, Mauricio Lima (2012) 'Does IFN-γ play a role on the pathogenesis of non-atopic asthma in Latin America children?'. Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology, Vol 8, e18.

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Goonetilleke, U. R., Scarborough, M., Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Hussain, S., Kadioglu, A. and Gordon, Stephen ORCID: (2012) 'Death is associated with complement C3 depletion in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with pneumococcal meningitis.'. mBio, Vol 3, Issue 2, e00272-11.

Gupta-Wright, Ankur, Tembo, Dumizulu, Jambo, Kondwani C, Chimbayo, Elizabeth, Mvaya, Leonard, Caldwell, Shannon, Russell, David G and Mwandumba, Henry ORCID: (2017) 'Functional Analysis of Phagocyte Activity in Whole Blood from HIV/Tuberculosis-Infected Individuals Using a Novel Flow Cytometry-Based Assay.'. Frontiers in immunology, Vol 8, p. 1222.


Herbst, Austin, Goel, Swati, Beane, Abi, Brotherton, B. Jason, Dula, Dingase, Ely, E. Wesley, Gordon, Stephen ORCID:, Haniffa, Rashan, Hedt-Gauthier, Bethany, Limbani, Felix, Lipnick, Michael S., Lyon, Samuel, Njoki, Carolyne, Oduor, Peter, Otieno, George, Pisani, Luigi, Rylance, Jamie ORCID:, Shrime, Mark G., Uwamahoro, Doris Lorette, Vanderburg, Sky, Waweru-Siika, Wangari, Twagirumugabe, Theogene and Riviello, Elisabeth (2023) 'Oxygen saturation targets for adults with acute hypoxemia in low and lower-middle income countries: a scoping review with analysis of contextual factors'. Frontiers in Medicine, Vol 10, e1148334.

Hill, Helen, Baines, Paul, Barton, Paul, Newland, Paul, Terlouw, Anja ORCID: and Turner, Mark (2011) 'Uncertainties in the measurement of blood glucose in paediatric intensive care: implications for clinical trials of tight glycaemic control'. Intensive Care Medicine, Vol 37, Issue 9, pp. 1517-1524.

Holman, Rury R, Coleman, Ruth L, Chan, Juliana C N, Chiasson, Jean-Louis, Feng, Huimei, Ge, Junbo, Gerstein, Hertzel C, Gray, Richard, Huo, Yong, Lang, Zhihui, McMurray, John J, Rydén, Lars, Schröder, Stefan, Sun, Yihong, Theodorakis, Michael J, Tendera, Michal, Tucker, Lynne, Tuomilehto, Jaakko, Wei, Yidong, Yang, Wenying, Wang, Duolao ORCID:, Hu, Dayi and Pan, Changyu (2017) 'Effects of acarbose on cardiovascular and diabetes outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease and impaired glucose tolerance (ACE): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.'. Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, Vol 5, Issue 11, pp. 877-886.

Horata, N., Kalambaheti, T., Craig, Alister ORCID: and Khusmith, S. (2009) 'Sequence variation of PfEMP1-DBL alpha in association with rosette formation in Plasmodium falciparum isolates causing severe and uncomplicated malaria'. Malaria Journal, Vol 8, p. 184.


Jaworowski, A., Fernandes, L. A., Yosaatmadja, F., Feng, G., Mwapasa, V., Molyneux, Malcolm E, Meshnick, S. R., Lewis, J. and Rogerson, S. J. (2009) 'Relationship between human immunodeficiency virus type 1 coinfection, anemia, and levels and function of antibodies to variant surface antigens in pregnancy-associated malaria'. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, Vol 16, Issue 3, pp. 312-319.


Kang, Yijun, Dang, Shaonong, Zeng, Lingxia, Wang, Duolao ORCID:, Li, Qiang, Wang, Jianpeng, Ouzhu, Luobu and Yan, Hong (2017) 'Multi-micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy for prevention of maternal anaemia and adverse birth outcomes in a high-altitude area: a prospective cohort study in rural Tibet of China.'. British Journal of Nutrition, Vol 118, Issue 6, pp. 431-440.

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Leffler, Ellen M, Band, Gavin, Busby, George B J, Kivinen, Katja, Le, Quang Si, Clarke, Geraldine M, Bojang, Kalifa A, Conway, David J, Jallow, Muminatou, Sisay-Joof, Fatoumatta, Bougouma, Edith C, Mangano, Valentina D, Modiano, David, Sirima, Sodiomon B, Achidi, Eric, Apinjoh, Tobias O, Marsh, Kevin, Ndila, Carolyne M, Peshu, Norbert, Williams, Thomas N, Drakeley, Chris, Manjurano, Alphaxard, Reyburn, Hugh, Riley, Eleanor, Kachala, David, Molyneux, Malcolm E, Nyirongo, Vysaul, Taylor, Terrie, Thornton, Nicole, Tilley, Louise, Grimsley, Shane, Drury, Eleanor, Stalker, Jim, Cornelius, Victoria, Hubbart, Christina, Jeffreys, Anna E, Rowlands, Kate, Rockett, Kirk A, Spencer, Chris C A and Kwiatkowski, Dominic P (2017) 'Resistance to malaria through structural variation of red blood cell invasion receptors.'. Science, Vol 356, Issue 6343, eaam6393.


Musicha, Patrick, Cornick, Jennifer E, Bar-Zeev, Naor, French, Neil, Masesa, Clemens, Denis, Brigitte, Kennedy, Neil, Mallewa, Jane, Gordon, Melita, Msefula, Chisomo L, Heyderman, Robert, Everett, Dean B and Feasey, Nicholas ORCID: (2017) 'Trends in antimicrobial resistance in bloodstream infection isolates at a large urban hospital in Malawi (1998-2016): a surveillance study.'. Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol 17, Issue 10, pp. 1042-1052.


Santoro, M. L., Sano-Martins, I. S., Fan, H. W., Cardoso, J. L. C., Theakston, R.David G. and Warrell, D. A. (2008) 'Haematological evaluation of patients bitten by the jararaca, Bothrops jararaca, in Brazil'. Toxicon, Vol 51, Issue 8, pp. 1440-1448.


Tembo, Dumizulu L, Montgomery, Jacqui, Craig, Alister ORCID: and Wassmer, Samuel C (2013) 'A Simple Protocol for Platelet-mediated Clumping of Plasmodium falciparum-infected Erythrocytes in a Resource Poor Setting.'. Journal of visualized experiments, Issue 75, e4136.

Temwanani Mukhula, Victoria, Prisca Harawa, Philliness, Phiri, Chisomo, Khoswe, Stanley, Mbale, Emmie, Tigoi, Caroline, Walson, Judd, Berkley, James, Bandsma, Robert, Iroh Tam, Pui-Ying ORCID: and Voskuijl, Wieger (2023) 'Evaluating blood culture collection practice in children hospitalized with acute illness at a tertiary hospital in Malawi'. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, Vol 70, Issue 1, fmad043.


Woolley, StephenDerek (2021) Utilising volunteer infection studies in the characterisation of anaemia in early malaria, Thesis (Doctoral), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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