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Alexander, Kelly, Zulaika, Garazi, Nyothach, Elizabeth, Oduor, Clifford, Mason, Linda, Obor, David, Eleveld, Alie, Laserson, Kayla F and Phillips-Howard, Penelope ORCID: (2018) 'Do Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conditions in Primary Schools Consistently Support Schoolgirls' Menstrual Needs? A Longitudinal Study in Rural Western Kenya.'. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol 15, Issue 8, e682.

Archer, John, O’Halloran, Lisa, Alsheri, Al-Shehri, Summers, Shannan, Bhattacharyya, Tapan, Kabaterine, Narcis, Atuhaire, Aaron, Adriko, Moses, Arianaitwe, Moses, Stewart, Martyn ORCID:, LaCourse, James ORCID:, Webster, Bonnie, Bustinduy, Amaya and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2020) 'Intestinal schistosomiasis and giardiasis co-infection in sub-Saharan Africa: Can a One Health approach improve control of each waterborne parasite simultaneously?'. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, Vol 5, Issue 3, p. 137.


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Chumo, Ivy, Kabaria, Caroline, Phillips-Howard, Penelope ORCID:, Gitau, Hellen, Elsey, Helen and Mberu, Blessing (2024) 'Beyond a facility: A cross-sectional survey on WASH service levels and informal social accountability in childcare centres in Nairobi's informal settlements'. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. (In Press)

Chumo, Ivy, Kabaria, Caroline, Elsey, Helen, Ozano, Kim, Phillips-Howard, Penelope ORCID: and Mberu, Blessing (2023) 'Co-creation and self-evaluation: An accountability mechanism process in water, sanitation and hygiene services delivery in childcare centres in Nairobi's informal settlements'. Frontiers in Public Health, Vol 10, e1035284.

Chumo, Ivy, Kabaria, Caroline, Phillips-Howard, Penelope ORCID:, Simiyu, Sheillah, Elsey, Helen and Mberu, Blessing (2022) 'Mapping social accountability actors and networks and their roles in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in childcare centres within Nairobi’s informal settlements: A governance diaries approach'. PLoS ONE, Vol 17, Issue 11, e0275491.

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Djamouko-Djonkam, Landre, Mounchili-Ndam, Souleman, Kala-Chouakeu, Nelly, Nana-Ndjangwo, Stella Mariette, Kopya, Edmond, Sonhafouo-Chiana, Nadége, Talipouo, Abdou, Ngadjeu, Carmene Sandra, Doumbe-Belisse, Patricia, Bamou, Roland, Toto, Jean Claude, Tchuinkam, Timoléon, Wondji, Charles ORCID: and Antonio-Nkondjio, Christophe (2019) 'Spatial distribution of Anopheles gambiae sensu lato larvae in the urban environment of Yaoundé, Cameroon.'. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Vol 8, Issue 1, p. 84.


Effective Health Care Research Consortium (2007) In areas where diarrhoeal disease is common, do interventions that aim to improve the quality of drinking water prevent diarrhoea? Evidence update - Summary of a Cochrane Review. Liverpool, Effective Health Care Research Consortium, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.


Fazeli-Dinan, Mahmoud, Azarnoosh, Mostafa, Özgökçe, Mehmet Salih, Chi, Hsin, Hosseini-Vasoukolaei, Nasibeh, Haghi, Farzad Motevalli, Zazouli, Mohamad Ali, Nikookar, Seyed Hassan, Dehbandi, Reza, Enayati, Ahmadali, Zaim, Morteza and Hemingway, Janet ORCID: (2022) 'Global water quality changes posing threat of increasing infectious diseases, a case study on malaria vector Anopheles stephensi coping with the water pollutants using age-stage, two-sex life table method'. Malaria Journal, Vol 21, Issue 1, e178.


Gauld, Jillian S, Olgemoeller, Franziska, Nkhata, Rose, Li, Chao, Chirambo, Angeziwa, Morse, Tracy, Gordon, Melita A, Read, Jonathan M, Heyderman, Robert S, Kennedy, Neil, Diggle, Peter J and Feasey, Nicholas ORCID: (2020) 'Domestic river water use and risk of typhoid fever: results from a case-control study in Blantyre, Malawi.'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 70, Issue 7, pp. 1278-1284.


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Kingsley, Robert A, Langridge, Gemma, Smith, Sarah E, Makendi, Carine, Fookes, Maria, Wileman, Tom M, El Ghany, Moataz Abd, Keith Turner, A, Dyson, Zoe A, Sridhar, Sushmita, Pickard, Derek, Kay, Sally, Feasey, Nicholas ORCID:, Wong, Vanessa, Barquist, Lars and Dougan, Gordon (2018) 'Functional analysis of Salmonella Typhi adaptation to survival in water.'. Environmental Microbiology, Vol 20, Issue 11, pp. 4079-4090.


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Rigby, Jonathan, Diness, Yohane, Mkwanda, Charity, Tonthola, Katalina, Galloway, Heather, Miles, Rory, Henrion, Marc, Edwards, Thomas, Gauld, Jillian, Msefula, Chisomo, Johnston, Rob, Nair, Satheesh, Feasey, Nicholas ORCID: and Elviss, Nicola (2022) 'Optimised methods for detecting Salmonella Typhi in the environment using validated field sampling, culture, and confirmatory molecular approaches'. Journal of Applied Microbiology, Vol 132, Issue 2, pp. 1503-1517.


Sammarro, Melodie, Rowlingson, Barry, Cocker, Derek, Chidziwisano, Kondwani, Jacob, Shevin ORCID:, Kajumbula, Henry, Mugisha, Lawrence, Musoke, David, Lester, Rebecca ORCID:, Morse, Tracy, Feasey, Nicholas and Jewell, Chris (2023) 'Risk factors, temporal dependence, and seasonality of human ESBL-producing E. coli and K. pneumoniae colonisation in Malawi: a longitudinal model-based approach'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 77, Issue 1, pp. 1-8.

Shaw, Liam P., Chau, Kevin K., Kavanagh, James, AbuOun, Manal, Stubberfield, Emma, Gweon, H. Soon, Barker, Leanne, Rodger, Gillian, Bowes, Mike J., Hubbard, Alasdair ORCID:, Pickford, Hayleah, Swann, Jeremy, Gilson, Daniel, Smith, Richard P., Hoosdally, Sarah J., Sebra, Robert, Brett, Howard, Peto, Tim E. A., Bailey, Mark J., Crook, Derrick W., Read, Daniel S., Anjum, Muna F., Walker, A. Sarah and Stoesser, Nicole (2021) 'Niche and local geography shape the pangenome of wastewater- and livestock-associated Enterobacteriaceae'. Science Advances, Vol 7, Issue 15, eabe3868.


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Uzzell, Christopher B, Abraham, Dilip, Rigby, Jonathan, Troman, Catherine M, Nair, Satheesh, Elviss, Nicola, Kathiresan, Lalithambigai, Srinivasan, Rajan, Balaji, Veeraraghavan, Zhou, Nicolette A, Meschke, John Scott, John, Jacob, Kang, Gagandeep, Feasey, Nicholas ORCID:, Mohan, Venkata Raghava and Grassly, Nicholas C (2023) 'Environmental surveillance for Salmonella Typhi and its association with typhoid fever incidence in India and Malawi'. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. (In Press)


Whittingham, Neil (2019) Adaptation to flooding in the Resistencia city region, Argentina: Planning and its impact upon the poor, Thesis (Doctoral), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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