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Alonso, Luis L., van Thiel, Jory, Slagboom, Julien, Dunstan, Nathan, Modahl, Cassandra, Jackson, Timothy N. W., Samanipour, Saer and Kool, Jeroen (2024) 'Studying Venom Toxin Variation Using Accurate Masses from Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Bioinformatic Tools'. Toxins, Vol 16, Issue 4, p. 181.

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Chandor‑Proust, Alexia, Bibby, Jaclyn, Régent‑Kloeckner, Myriam, Roux, Jessica, Guittard‑Crilat, Emilie, Poupardin, Rodolphe, Riaz, Muhammad Asam, Paine, Mark ORCID:, Dauphin‑Villemant, Chantal, Reynaud, Stéphane and David, Jean‑Philippe (2013) 'The central role of mosquito cytochrome P450 CYP6Zs in insecticide detoxification revealed by functional expression and structural modelling'. Biochemical Journal, Vol 455, Issue 1, pp. 75-85.

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Jones, Sam (2019) Computer modelling approaches for improving analysis of 1 anti-malarial clinical trials, Thesis (Doctoral), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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