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Adomakoh, Yvonne Dei, Olayemi, Edeghonghon, Asamoah-Akuoko, Lucy, Appiah, Bernard, Telke, Susan, Segbefia, Catherine I., Tancred, Tara ORCID:, Adu-Afarwuah, Seth, Benneh-Akwasi Kuma, Amma A., Yawson, Alfred Edwin, Ofori-Acquah, Solomon Fiifi, Adongo, Philip Baba, Ametorwo, Reena, Bates, Imelda ORCID:, Reilly, Cavan and Investigators, The BLOODSAFE (2023) 'Impact of Iron Supplementation in Anemic Voluntary First-Time Blood Donors-Results of a Pilot Trial in Ghana' in 65th ASH Annual Meeting, December 9-12 2023.

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Perera, Shiromi, Bonsall, David, Niriella, Madunil A., Allen, Angie, Peries, Anura C., Nelumdeniya, Udaya B., Dissanayake, Randima, Silva, Ishari, Cesare, Mariateresa, Klenerman, Paul, Weatherall, David J., Roberts, David J. and Premawardhena, Anuja P. (2020) 'Transfusion‐transmitted hepatitis C: A cluster of cases in transfusion‐dependent thalassaemia patients in Sri Lanka'. Transfusion Medicine, Vol 30, Issue 5, pp. 377-383.


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