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Adler, Hugh ORCID:, Cruise, James, Yong, Jun, Patel, Amit, Mikhail, Magda, Beadsworth, Mike, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID: and Munson, Erik (2021) 'Answer to March 2021 Photo Quiz'. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol 59, Issue 3.

Adler, Hugh ORCID:, Cruise, James, Yong, Jun, Patel, Amit, Mikhail, Magda, Beadsworth, Mike, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID: and Munson, Erik (2021) 'Photo Quiz: Disseminated Violaceous Skin Lesions following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant'. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol 59, Issue 3.

Attipa, Charalampos (2023) Exploring the role of low-density neutrophils and neutrophil extracellular traps in cerebral malaria, Thesis (Doctoral), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.


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Dias, Juliana Buck, Soncini, João Gabriel Material, Cerdeira, Louise, Lincopan, Nilton and Vespero, Eliana Carolina (2022) 'MDR Escherichia coli carrying CTX-M-24 (IncF[F-:A1:B32]) and KPC-2 (IncX3/IncU) plasmids isolated from community-acquired urinary trainfection in Brazil'. The Brazilian journal of infectious diseases, Vol 26, Issue 6, p. 102706.

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Edi, Ako Victorien Constant, N'Dri, Bedjou Prisca, Chouaibou, Mouhamadou, Kouadio, Fondjo Behi, Pignatelli, Patricia, Raso, Giovanna, Weetman, David ORCID: and Bonfoh, Bassirou (2017) 'First detection of N1575Y mutation in pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae in Southern Côte d'Ivoire.'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 2, p. 71.


Fasoli, Elisa, Sanz, Libia, Wagstaff, Simon ORCID:, Harrison, Robert, Righetti, Pier Giorgio and Calvete, Juan J (2010) 'Exploring the venom proteome of the African puff adder, Bitis arietans, using a combinatorial peptide ligand library approach at different pHs.'. Journal of Proteomics, Vol 73, Issue 5, pp. 932-42.

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Groß, Rüdiger, Reßin, Hanna, von Maltitz, Pascal, Albers, Dan, Schneider, Laura, Bley, Hanna, Hoffmann, Markus, Cortese, Mirko, Gupta, Dhanu, Deniz, Miriam, Choi, Jae-Yeon, Jansen, Jenny, Preußer, Christian, Seehafer, Kai, Pöhlmann, Stefan, Voelker, Dennis R., Goffinet, Christine, Pogge-von Strandmann, Elke, Bunz, Uwe, Bartenschlager, Ralf, El Andaloussi, Samir, Sparrer, Konstantin M. J., Herker, Eva, Becker, Stephan, Kirchhoff, Frank, Münch, Jan and Müller, Janis A. (2024) 'Phosphatidylserine-exposing extracellular vesicles in body fluids are an innate defence against apoptotic mimicry viral pathogens'. Nature Microbiology, Vol 9, Issue 4, pp. 905-921.


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Kenyon, Emma J., Kirkwood, Nerissa K., Kitcher, Siân R., Goodyear, Richard J., Derudas, Marco, Cantillon, Daire ORCID:, Baxendale, Sarah, de la Vega de León, Antonio, Mahieu, Virginia N., Osgood, Richard T., Wilson, Charlotte Donald, Bull, James C., Waddell, Simon J., Whitfield, Tanya T., Ward, Simon E., Kros, Corné J. and Richardson, Guy P. (2021) 'Identification of a series of hair-cell MET channel blockers that protect against aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity'. JCI insight, Vol 6, Issue 7, e145704.

Kimani, Domtila, Jagne, Ya Jankey, Cox, Momodou, Kimani, Eva, Bliss, Carly M, Gitau, Evelyn, Ogwang, Caroline, Afolabi, Muhammed O, Bowyer, Georgina, Collins, Katharine A, Edwards, Nick, Hodgson, Susanne H, Duncan, Christopher J A, Spencer, Alexandra J, Knight, Miguel G, Drammeh, Abdoulie, Anagnostou, Nicholas A, Berrie, Eleanor, Moyle, Sarah, Gilbert, Sarah C, Soipei, Peninah, Okebe, Joseph, Colloca, Stefano, Cortese, Riccardo, Viebig, Nicola K, Roberts, Rachel, Lawrie, Alison M, Nicosia, Alfredo, Imoukhuede, Egeruan B, Bejon, Philip, Chilengi, Roma, Bojang, Kalifa, Flanagan, Katie L, Hill, Adrian V S, Urban, Britta ORCID: and Ewer, Katie J (2014) 'Translating the Immunogenicity of Prime-boost Immunization With ChAd63 and MVA ME-TRAP From Malaria Naive to Malaria-endemic Populations'. Molecular Therapy, Vol 22, Issue 11, pp. 1992-2003.


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Mukhopadhyay, Subhankar, Heinz, Eva ORCID:, Porreca, Immacolata, Alasoo, Kaur, Yeung, Amy, Yang, Huei-Ting, Schwerd, Tobias, Forbester, Jessica L, Hale, Christine, Agu, Chukwuma A., Choi, Yoon Ha, Rodrigues, Julia, Capitan, Melania, Jostins-Dean, Luke, Thomas, David C., Travis, Simon, Gaffney, Daniel, Skarnes, William C., Thomson, Nicholas, Uhlig, Holm H., Dougan, Gordon and Powrie, Fiona (2019) 'Loss of IL-10 signaling in macrophages limits bacterial killing driven by prostaglandin E2'. The Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), Vol 217, Issue 2, e20180649.


Nguete Nguiffo, Daniel, Wondji, Charles ORCID:, Pone Wabo, Josué and Mpoame, Mbida (2019) 'Microfilariae infestation of goliath frogs (Conraua goliath) from Cameroon.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 14, Issue 5, e0217539.

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Nyazika, Tinashe, Sibale, Lusako, Phiri, Joseph, De Ste Croix, Megan, Jasiunaite, Zydrune, Mkandawire, Christopher, Malamba, Rose, Kankwatira, Anstead, Manduwa, Miriam, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID:, Nyirenda, Tonney S., Oggioni, Marco R., Mwandumba, Henry ORCID: and Jambo, Kondwani ORCID: (2022) 'Intracellular survival of Streptococcus pneumoniae in human alveolar macrophages is augmented with HIV infection'. Frontiers in Immunology, Vol 13, e992659.


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