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Ajendra, Jesuthas, Specht, Sabine, Neumann, Anna-Lena, Gondorf, Fabian, Schmidt, David, Gentil, Katrin, Hoffmann, Wolfgang H., Taylor, Mark ORCID:, Hoerauf, Achim and Hübner, Marc P. (2014) 'ST2 Deficiency Does Not Impair Type 2 Immune Responses during Chronic Filarial Infection but Leads to an Increased Microfilaremia Due to an Impaired Splenic Microfilarial Clearance'. PLoS ONE, Vol 9, Issue 3, e93072.

Aljayyoussi, Ghaith, Donnellan, Samantha, Ward, Steve ORCID: and Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: (2019) 'Intracellular PD Modelling (PDi) for the Prediction of Clinical Activity of Increased Rifampicin Dosing'. Pharmaceutics, Vol 11, Issue 6, p. 278.

Alkurbi, Mohammed O., Higgins, M., Craig, Alister ORCID: and Pleass, Richard ORCID: (2013) 'Poster Presentation: Development of monoclonal antibodies targeting the surface of Plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes'. Tropical Medicine & International Health, Vol 18, Issue S1, p. 146.

Amewu, Richard K., Chadwick, James, Hussain, Afthab, Panda, Somnath, Rinki, Rinki, Janneh, Omar, Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Miguel, Candel, Burrell-Saward, Hollie, Vivas, Livia and O’Neill, Paul M. (2013) 'Synthesis and evaluation of the antimalarial, anticancer, and caspase 3 activities of tetraoxane dimers'. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, Vol 21, Issue 23, pp. 7392-7397.

Antoine, Thomas, Fisher, Nicholas, Amewu, R., O'Neill, P. M., Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: (2014) 'Rapid kill of malaria parasites by artemisinin and semi-synthetic endoperoxides involves ROS-dependent depolarization of the membrane potential'. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Vol 69, Issue 4, pp. 1005-1016.


Bell-Sakyi, Lesley, Haines, Lee ORCID:, Petrucci, Giovanni, Beliavskaia, Alexandra, Hartley, Catherine, Khoo, Jing Jing, Makepeace, Benjamin L., Abd-Alla, Adly M. M. and Darby, Alistair C. (2024) 'Establishment and partial characterisation of a new cell line derived from adult tissues of the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans morsitans'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 17, Issue 1, e231.

Bengtsson, Anja, Joergensen, Louise, Barbati, Zachary R., Craig, Alister ORCID:, Hviid, Lars and Jensen, Anja T. R. (2013) 'Transfected HEK293 Cells Expressing Functional Recombinant Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 (ICAM-1) – A Receptor Associated with Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria'. PLoS ONE, Vol 8, Issue 7, e69999.

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Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID:, Viriyavejakul, P., O'Neill, P. M., Bray, Patrick and Ward, Steve ORCID: (2006) 'Functional characterization and target validation of alternative complex I of Plasmodium falciparum mitochondria'. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Vol 50, Issue 5, pp. 1841-1851.

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Challenger, Elizabeth, Dilly-Penchala, Sujan, Hale, Colin, Fitzgerald, Richard, Reynolds, Helen, Chiong, Justin, Rowland, Tim, Fletcher, Tom, Khoo, Saye and Else, Laura (2024) 'A novel LC-MS/MS method for the determination of favipiravir ribofuranosyl-5'-triphosphate (T-705-RTP) in human peripheral mononuclear cells.'. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol 245, p. 116155.

Clare, Rachel ORCID:, Cook, Darren, Johnston, Kelly, Ford, Louise, Ward, Stephen ORCID: and Taylor, Mark ORCID: (2014) 'Development and Validation of a High-Throughput Anti-Wolbachia Whole-Cell Screen: A Route to Macrofilaricidal Drugs against Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis'. Journal of Biomolecular Screening, Vol 20, Issue 1, pp. 64-69.

Clissa, P. B., Laing, Gavin, Theakston, R.David G, Mota, I., Taylor, Mark ORCID: and Moura-da-Silva, A. M. (2001) 'The effect of jararhagin, a metalloproteinase from Bothrops jararaca venom, on pro-inflammatory cytokines released by murine peritoneal adherent cells'. Toxicon, Vol 39, Issue 10, pp. 1567-1573.

Conlon, J Michael, Attoub, Samir, Arafat, Hama, Mechkarska, Milena, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Harrison, Robert and Calvete, Juan J (2013) 'Cytotoxic activities of [Ser⁴⁹]phospholipase A₂ from the venom of the saw-scaled vipers Echis ocellatus, Echis pyramidum leakeyi, Echis carinatus sochureki, and Echis coloratus.'. Toxicon, Vol 71, pp. 96-104.


Diniz, Mariana O, Mitsi, Elena, Swadling, Leo, Rylance, Jamie ORCID:, Johnson, Marina, Goldblatt, David, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID: and Maini, Mala K (2022) 'Airway-resident T cells from unexposed individuals cross-recognize SARS-CoV-2.'. Nature Immunology, Vol 23, Issue 9, pp. 1324-1329.


Figueiredo, Camila Alexandrina, Rodrigues, Laura Cunha, Alcantara-Neves, Neuza Maria, Cooper, Philip, Amorim, Leila Denise, Silva, Nivea Bispo, Cruz, Alvaro A and Barreto, Mauricio Lima (2012) 'Does IFN-γ play a role on the pathogenesis of non-atopic asthma in Latin America children?'. Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology, Vol 8, e18.


Gemma, Sandra, Brogi, Simone, Patil, Pradeep R., Giovani, Simone, Lamponi, Stefania, Cappelli, Andrea, Novellino, Ettore, Brown, Alan, Higgins, Matthew K., Mustaffa, Khairul, Szestak, Tadge, Craig, Alister ORCID:, Campiani, Giuseppe, Butini, Stefania and Brindisi, Margherita (2013) 'From (+)-epigallocatechin gallate to a simplified synthetic analogue as a cytoadherence inhibitor for P. falciparum'. RSC Advances, Vol 4, Issue 9, pp. 4769-4781.

Glennie, Sarah, Banda, D., Gould, K., Hinds, J., Kamngona, A., Everett, D. D. B., Williams, N. A. and Heyderman, Robert (2013) 'Defective Pneumococcal-Specific Th1 Responses in HIV-Infected Adults Precedes a Loss of Control of Pneumococcal Colonization'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 56, Issue 2, pp. 291-299.

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Jelk, Jennifer, Gao, Ningguo, Serricchio, Mauro, Signorell, Aita, Schmidt, Remo S, Bangs, James D, Acosta Serrano, Alvaro ORCID:, Lehrman, Mark A, Bütikofer, Peter and Menon, Anant K (2013) 'Glycoprotein biosynthesis in a eukaryote lacking the membrane protein Rft1.'. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol 288, Issue 28, pp. 20616-20623.

Johnson, David J., Owen, A., Plant, N. and Ward, Stephen ORCID: (2008) 'Drug-regulated gene expression of Plasmodium falciparum P-glycoprotein homologue 1: a role for nuclear receptors?' in MAM 2008.

Joice, Regina, Narasimhan, Vagheesh, Montgomery, Jacqui, Sidhu, Amar Bir, Oh, Keunyoung, Meyer, Evan, Pierre-Louis, Willythssa, Seydel, Karl, Milner, Danny, Williamson, Kim, Wiegand, Roger, Ndiaye, Daouda, Daily, Johanna, Wirth, Dyann, Taylor, Terrie, Huttenhower, Curtis and Marti, Matthias (2013) 'Inferring Developmental Stage Composition from Gene Expression in Human Malaria'. PLoS Computational Biology, Vol 9, Issue 12, e1003392.

Junqueira-de-Azevedo, Inácio L M, Bastos, Carolina Mancini Val, Ho, Paulo Lee, Luna, Milene Schmidt, Yamanouye, Norma and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2015) 'Venom-related transcripts from Bothrops jararaca tissues provide novel molecular insights into the production and evolution of snake venom.'. Molecular biology and evolution, Vol 32, Issue 3, pp. 754-66.

Jørgensen, Aslak, Stothard, Russell ORCID:, Madsen, Henry, Nalugwa, Allen, Nyakaana, Silvester and Rollinson, David (2013) 'The ITS2 of the genus Bulinus: Novel secondary structure among freshwater snails and potential new taxonomic markers.'. Acta Tropica, Vol 128, Issue 2, pp. 218-225.


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Kublin, J. G., Dzinjalamala, F. K., Kamwendo, D. D., Malkin, E. M., Cortese, J. F., Martino, L. M., Mukadam, R. A. G., Rogerson, S. J., Lescano, A. G., Molyneux, Malcolm E, Winstanley, P., Chimpeni, P., Taylor, T. E. and Plowe, C. V. (2002) 'Molecular markers for failure of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine and chlorproguanil-dapsone treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 185, Issue 3, pp. 380-388.


La Pensée, Louise, Sabbani, Sunil, Sharma, Raman, Bhamra, Inder, Shore, Emma, Chadwick, Amy E, Berry, Neil G, Firman, James, Araujo, Nuna C, Cabral, Lília, Cristiano, Maria L S, Bateman, Cerys, Janneh, Omar, Gavrila, Adelina, Wu, Yi Hang, Hussain, Afthab, Ward, Stephen ORCID:, Stocks, Paul A., Cosstick, Rick and O'Neill, Paul M (2013) 'Artemisinin-polypyrrole conjugates: synthesis, DNA binding studies and preliminary antiproliferative evaluation.'. ChemMedChem, Vol 8, Issue 5, pp. 709-718.

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Lecht, Shimon, Chiaverelli, Rachel A, Gerstenhaber, Jonathan, Calvete, Juan J, Lazarovici, Philip, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID:, Harrison, Robert, Lelkes, Peter I and Marcinkiewicz, Cezary (2015) 'Anti-angiogenic activities of snake venom CRISP isolated from Echis carinatus sochureki.'. BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Vol 1850, Issue 6, pp. 1169-1179.


Madkhali, Aymen M., Alkurbi, Mohammed O., Szestak, Tadge, Bengtsson, Anja, Patil, Pradeep R, Wu, Yang, Alharthi, Saeed, Jensen, Anja T R, Pleass, Richard ORCID: and Craig, Alister ORCID: (2014) 'An Analysis of the Binding Characteristics of a Panel of Recently Selected ICAM-1 Binding Plasmodium falciparum Patient Isolates.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 9, Issue 10, e111518.

Muema, Daniel M., Macharia, Gladys N., Olusola, Babatunde A., Hassan, Amin S., Fegan, Greg W., Berkley, James A., Urban, Britta ORCID: and Nduati, Eunice W. (2017) 'Proportions of circulating follicular helper T cells are reduced and correlate with memory B cells in HIV-infected children'. PLoS ONE, Vol 12, Issue 4, e0175570.

Mvaya, Leonard, Khaba, Trevor, Lakudzala, Agness E, Nkosi, Thandeka, Jambo, Ndaru, Kadwala, Innocent, Kankwatira, Anstead, Patel, Priyanka D, Gordon, Melita A, Nyirenda, Tonney S, Jambo, Kondwani ORCID: and Ndhlovu, Zaza M (2022) 'Differential localization and limited cytotoxic potential of duodenal CD8+ T cells.'. JCI insight, Vol 7, Issue 3, e154195.


Neill, D.R., Coward, W.R., Gritzfeld, Jenna, Richards, L., Gordon, Stephen ORCID: and Kadioglu, A. (2013) 'TGFb and T regulatory cells mediate nasopharyngeal carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae'. Immunology, Vol 140, Issue S1, p. 101.

Nkosi, Thandeka, Chasara, Caroline, Papadopoulos, Andrea O, Nguni, Tiza L, Karim, Farina, Moosa, Mahomed-Yunus S, Gazy, Inbal, Jambo, Kondwani ORCID:, Hanekom, Willem, Sigal, Alex and Ndhlovu, Zaza M (2022) 'Unsuppressed HIV infection impairs T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection and abrogates T cell cross-recognition'. eLife, Vol 11, e78374.

Nolden, Melanie, Paine, Mark ORCID: and Nauen, Ralf (2022) 'Sequential phase I metabolism of pyrethroids by duplicated CYP6P9 variants results in the loss of the terminal benzene moiety and determines resistance in the malaria mosquito Anopheles funestus'. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vol 148, p. 103813.

Nyirenda, T. S., Gilchrist, J. J., Feasey, Nicholas ORCID:, Glennie, S. J., Bar-Zeev, N., Gordon, M. A., MacLennan, C. A., Mandala, W. L. and Heyderman, R. S. (2014) 'Sequential Acquisition of T Cells and Antibodies to Nontyphoidal Salmonella in Malawian Children'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 210, Issue 1, pp. 56-64.

Nyirenda-Nyang'wa, Maggie, Manthalu, Gerald, Arnold, Matthias, Nkhoma, Dominic, Hosseinipour, Mina C., Chagomerana, Maganizo, Chibwe, Precious, Mortimer, Kevin ORCID:, Kennedy, Neil, Fairley, Derek, Mwapasa, Victor, Msefula, Chisomo, Mwandumba, Henry ORCID:, Chinkhumba, Jobiba, Klein, Nigel, Alber, Dagmar and Obasi, Angela ORCID: (2022) 'Costing and cost-effectiveness of Cepheid Xpert HIV -1 Qual Assay using whole blood protocol versus PCR by Abbott Systems in Malawi'. Journal of Global Health Economics and Policy, Vol 2, e2022013.


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Romero Ramirez, Alessandra, Casas Sanchez, Aitor ORCID:, Autheman, Delphine, Duffy, Craig W., Brandt, Cordelia, Clare, Simon, Harcourt, Katherine, André, Marcos Rogério, de Almeida Castilho Neto, Kayo José Garcia, Teixeira, Marta M. G., Machado, Rosangela Zacharias, Coombes, Janine, Flynn, Robin J., Wright, Gavin J. and Jackson, Andrew P. (2022) 'Vivaxin genes encode highly immunogenic, non-variant antigens on the Trypanosoma vivax cell-surface'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 16, Issue 9, e0010791.


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