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Aljurayyan, Abdullah, Puksuriwong, Suttida, Ahmed, Muhammad, Sharma, Ravi, Krishnan, Madhan, Sood, Salil, Davies, Katherine, Rajashekar, Devika, Leong, Sam, McNamara, Paul S, Gordon, Stephen ORCID: and Zhang, Qibo (2018) 'Activation and induction of antigen-specific T follicular helper cells (TFH) play a critical role in LAIV-induced human mucosal anti-influenza antibody response'. Journal of Virology, Vol 92, Issue 11, e00114-18.

Araujo, Adriano P, Colichio, Gabriela B C, Oliveira, Maria Leonor S, German, Esther, Nikolaou, Elissave, Chen, Tao ORCID:, Adler, Hugh ORCID:, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID: and Miyaji, Eliane N (2021) 'Serum levels of anti-PspA and anti-PspC IgG decrease with age and do not correlate with susceptibility to experimental human pneumococcal colonization.'. PLoS ONE, Vol 16, Issue 2, e0247056.


Baksmeier, Christine, Blundell, Pat ORCID:, Steckel, Julia, Schultz, Verena, Gu, Quan, Da Silva Filipe, Ana, Kohl, Alain, Linnington, Chris, Lu, Dongli, Dell, Anne, Haslam, Stuart, Wang, Jiabin, Czajkowsky, Dan, Goebels, Norbert and Pleass, Richard ORCID: (2021) 'Modified recombinant human IgG1‐Fc is superior to natural IVIG at inhibiting immune‐mediated demyelination'. Immunology, Vol 164, Issue 1, pp. 90-105.

Benedict, Michael, Elsone, Liene, Griffiths, Michael, Borrow, Ray, Faragher, Brian, Solomon, Tom and Jacob, Anu (2013) 'A Panel of Serum Cytokines/Chemokines Can Distinguish between Patients with Neuromyelitis Optica and Multiple Sclerosis and Identifies Potential Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets'. Neurology, Vol 80.

Boni, M. F., Chau, N. V. V., Dong, N., Todd, Stacy, Nhat, N. T. D., de Bruin, E., van Beek, J., Hien, N. T., Simmons, C. P., Farrar, J. and Koopmans, M. (2013) 'Population-Level Antibody Estimates to Novel Influenza A/H7N9'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 208, Issue 4, pp. 554-558.

Brown, Lottie, Byrne, Rachel, Fraser, Alice, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, CubasAtienzar, Ana, Williams, Chris, Kay, Grant Alistair, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Fitchett, Joseph R. A., Fletcher, Tom, Garrod, Gala, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Krishna, Sanjeev, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Planche, Tim, Sainter, Chris, Staines, Henry M., Turtle, Lance and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2021) 'Self-sampling of capillary blood for SARS-CoV-2 serology'. Scientific Reports, Vol 11, Issue 1, p. 7754.


Coffeng, Luc E., Le Rutte, Epke A., Munoz, Johanna, Adams, Emily ORCID: and de Vlas, Sake J. (2021) 'Antibody and antigen prevalence as indicators of ongoing transmission or elimination of visceral leishmaniasis: a modelling study'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 72, Issue Supplement_3.


Deloria Knoll, Maria, Bennett, Julia, Garcia Quesada, Maria, Kagucia, Eunice, Peterson, Meagan, Feikin, Daniel, Cohen, Adam, Hetrich, Marissa, Yang, Yangyupei, Sinkevitch, Jenna, Ampofo, Krow, Aukes, Laurie, Bacci, Sabrina, Bigogo, Godfrey, Brandileone, Maria-Cristina, Bruce, Michael, Camilli, Romina, Castilla, Jesús, Chan, Guanhao, Chanto Chacón, Grettel, Ciruela, Pilar, Cook, Heather, Corcoran, Mary, Dagan, Ron, Danis, Kostas, de Miguel, Sara, De Wals, Philippe, Desmet, Stefanie, Galloway, Yvonne, Georgakopoulou, Theano, Hammitt, Laura, Hilty, Markus, Ho, Pak-Leung, Jayasinghe, Sanjay, Kellner, James, Kleynhans, Jackie, Knol, Mirjam, Kozakova, Jana, Kristinsson, Karl, Ladhani, Shamez, Lara, Claudia, León, Maria, Lepp, Tiia, Mackenzie, Grant, Mad’arová, Lucia, McGeer, Allison, Mungun, Tuya, Mwenda, Jason, Nuorti, J., Nzoyikorera, Néhémie, Oishi, Kazunori, De Oliveira, Lucia, Paragi, Metka, Pilishvili, Tamara, Puentes, Rodrigo, Rafai, Eric, Saha, Samir, Savrasova, Larisa, Savulescu, Camelia, Scott, J., Scott, Kevin, Serhan, Fatima, Setchanova, Lena, Sinkovec Zorko, Nadja, Skoczyńska, Anna, Swarthout, Todd, Valentiner-Branth, Palle, van der Linden, Mark, Vestrheim, Didrik, von Gottberg, Anne, Yildirim, Inci and Hayford, Kyla (2021) 'Global Landscape Review of Serotype-Specific Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance among Countries Using PCV10/13: The Pneumococcal Serotype Replacement and Distribution Estimation (PSERENADE) Project'. Microorganisms, Vol 9, Issue 4, p. 742.


Hacking, J, Gwenin, V V, Dacombe, Russell ORCID:, Baird, M S, Frimpong, M, Phillips, R O and Gwenin, C D (2023) 'A single synthetic lipid antigen for improved serological diagnosis of Buruli ulcer.'. Public Health Action, Vol 13, Issue 4, pp. 173-178.

Halliday, Alice, Bates, Paul A, Chance, Michael and Taylor, Mark ORCID: (2016) 'Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) plays a role in controlling cutaneous leishmaniasis in vivo, but does not require activation by parasite lipophosphoglycan'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 9, Issue 1, p. 532.


Jameson, Lisa, Newton, Autilia, Coole, Louise, Newman, Edmund, Carroll, Miles, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID:, Hewson, Roger and Christley, Robert (2014) 'Prevalence of Antibodies against Hantaviruses in Serum and Saliva of Adults Living or Working on Farms in Yorkshire, United Kingdom'. Viruses, Vol 6, Issue 2, pp. 524-534.


Mackenzie, Charles, Al-Kubati, Abdul-Samid, Al-Qubati, Yasin, Behan-Braman, Ashley, Kubofcik, Joseph, Hopkins, Adrian and Nutman, Thomas B (2018) 'A Serological Survey of Human Onchocerciasis in Yemen.'. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 99, Issue 4, pp. 1049-1052.

Mendonça, Lívia R., Figueiredo, Camila A., Esquivel, Renata, Fiaccone, Rosemeire L., Pontes-de-Carvalho, Lain, Cooper, Philip, Barreto, Maurício L. and Alcantara-Neves, Neuza M. (2013) 'Seroprevalence and risk factors for Toxocara infection in children from an urban large setting in Northeast Brazil'. Acta Tropica, Vol 128, Issue 1, pp. 90-95.


Todd, Stacy, De Bruin, E., Nhat, N. T. D., Koopmans, M. and Boni, M. F. (2014) 'Reply to Pawar et al'. Journal of Infectious Disease, Vol 210, Issue 1, pp. 161-163.


Voronin, Denis, Guimaraes, Ana, Molyneux, Gemma, Johnston, Kelly, Ford, Louise and Taylor, Mark ORCID: (2014) 'Wolbachia lipoproteins: abundance, localisation and serology of Wolbachia peptidoglycan associated lipoprotein and the Type IV Secretion System component, VirB6 from Brugia malayi and Aedes albopictus'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 7, e462.

van den Hoogen, Lotus L, Griffin, Jamie T, Cook, Jackie, Sepúlveda, Nuno, Corran, Patrick, Conway, David J, Milligan, Paul, Allen, Stephen ORCID:, Proietti, Carla, Ceesay, Serign J, Targett, Geoffrey A, D'Alessandro, Umberto, Greenwood, Brian, Riley, Eleanor M and Drakeley, Chris (2015) 'Serology describes a profile of declining malaria transmission in Farafenni, The Gambia'. Malaria Journal, Vol 14, Issue 416.

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