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Abba, Katharine, Sinfield, Rebecca, Hart, C. Anthony and Garner, Paul ORCID: (2009) 'Antimicrobial drugs for persistent diarrhoea of unknown or non-specific cause in children under six in low and middle income countries: systematic review of randomized controlled trials'. BMC Infectious Diseases, Vol 9, e24.

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Zhou, Jing, Mao, Wenjian, Ke, Luke, Chen, Tao ORCID:, He, Wenhua, Pan, Xinting, Chen, Miao, He, Chengjian, Gu, Weili, Wu, Jingyi, Song, Jingchun, Ni, Haibin, Tu, Jiangfeng, Sun, Junli, Zhang, Guoxiu, Chen, Weiwei, Xue, Bing, Zhao, Xiangyang, Shao, Min, Liu, Yuxiu, Tong, Zhihui and Li, Weiqin (2020) 'Thymosin alpha 1 in the prevention of infected pancreatic necrosis following acute necrotising pancreatitis (TRACE trial): protocol of a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial'. BMJ Open, Vol 10, Issue 9.

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