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Challenger, Elizabeth, Dilly-Penchala, Sujan, Hale, Colin, Fitzgerald, Richard, Reynolds, Helen, Chiong, Justin, Rowland, Tim, Fletcher, Tom, Khoo, Saye and Else, Laura (2024) 'A novel LC-MS/MS method for the determination of favipiravir ribofuranosyl-5'-triphosphate (T-705-RTP) in human peripheral mononuclear cells.'. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol 245, p. 116155.

Burel, Julie G, Wang, Wenjun, Wuhrer, Manfred, Dedicoat, Martin, Fletcher, Tom, Cunningham, Adam F and O'Shea, Matthew K (2024) 'IgG glycosylation associates with risk of progression from latent to active tuberculosis'. The Journal of infection, Vol 88, Issue 3, e106115.

Nevin, William ORCID:, Jones, Jayne, Tupper, Donna, Dunbar, James A. T., Wilson, Duncan, Ross, David, Woolley, Stephen, Dodd, James, Biswas, Jason, Lamb, Lucy, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID:, O’Shea, Matthew K. and Fletcher, Tom (2024) 'Gastrointestinal parasite infections in Nepalese Gurkha recruits arriving in the United Kingdom from 2012–2020'. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 18, Issue 1, e0011931.

Toriro, Romeo ORCID:, Pallett, Scott, Woolley, Stephen, Bennett, Charlie, Hale, Isra, Heylings, Jennifer, Wilkins, Daniel, Connelly, Thomas, Muia, Kennedy, Avery, Patrick, Stuart, Andrew, Morgan, Laura, Davies, Mark, Nevin, William, Quantick, Oliver, Robinson, Guy, Elwin, Kristin, Chalmers, Rachel, Burns, Daniel, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID:, Fletcher, Tom and O’Shea, Matthew (2024) 'Outbreak of Diarrhea Caused by a Novel Cryptosporidium hominis Subtype During British Military Training in Kenya'. Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Vol 11, Issue 1, ofae001.

Toriro, Romeo, Nevin, William, Kuehn, Rebecca, Ryan, Hannah, Beeching, Nicholas ORCID:, Fletcher, Tom and Burns, Dan (2023) 'Antibiotic treatment to reduce the duration and severity of travellers’ diarrhoea'. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Vol 2023, Issue 11, CD015208.

D’Addiego, Jake, Wand, Nadina, Afrough, Babak, Fletcher, Tom, Kurosaki, Yohei, Leblebicioglu, Hakan and Hewson, Roger (2023) 'Recovery of Complete Genome Sequences of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever Virus (CCHFV) Directly from Clinical Samples: A Comparative Study Between Targeted Enrichment and Metagenomic Approaches'. Journal of Virological Methods, Vol 323, p. 114833.

Spencer, Antony, Nicholls, Ian, Onianwa, Okechukwu, Furneaux, Jenna, Grieves, James, Pottage, Thomas, Gould, Susan, Fletcher, Tom, Dunning, Jake, Bennett, Allan M and Atkinson, Barry (2023) 'Mpox virus DNA contamination can still be detected by qPCR analysis after autoclaving'. Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol 139, pp. 217-219.

Challenger, Elizabeth, Penchala, Sujan Dilly, Hale, Colin, Fitzgerald, Richard, Walker, Lauren, Reynolds, Helen, Chiong, Justin, Fletcher, Tom, Khoo, Saye and Else, Laura (2023) 'Development and validation of an LC-MS/MS method for quantification of favipiravir in human plasma'. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol 233, e115436.

Atkinson, Barry, Spencer, Antony, Onianwa, Okechukwu, Furneaux, Jenna, Grieves, James, Nicholls, Ian, Gould, Susan, Fletcher, Tom, Dunning, Jake, Bennett, Allan M, Patel, Sheel, Asboe, David and Whitlock, Gary (2023) 'Longitudinal mpox virus surface sampling in an outpatient setting.'. Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol 135, Issue May 2023, pp. 196-198.

Rigby, Ishmeala, Michelen, Melina, Dagens, Andrew, Cheng, Vincent, Dahmash, Dania, Harriss, Eli, Webb, Eika, Cai, Erhui, Lipworth, Samuel, Oti, Alexandra, Balan, Valeria, Piotrowski, Helen, Nartowski, Robert, Rojek, Amanda, Groves, Helen, Hart, Peter, Cevik, Muge, Bosa, Henry Kyobe, Blumberg, Lucille, Fletcher, Tom, Horby, Peter W, Jacob, Shevin ORCID: and Sigfrid, Louise (2023) 'Standard of care for viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs): a systematic review of clinical management guidelines for high-priority VHFs'. Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol 23, Issue 7, E240-E252.

Khoo, Saye H, FitzGerald, Richard, Saunders, Geoffrey, Middleton, Calley, Ahmad, Shazaad, Edwards, Christopher J, Hadjiyiannakis, Dennis, Walker, Lauren, Lyon, Rebecca, Shaw, Victoria, Mozgunov, Pavel, Periselneris, Jimstan, Woods, Christie, Bullock, Katie, Hale, Colin, Reynolds, Helen, Downs, Nichola, Ewings, Sean, Buadi, Amanda, Cameron, David, Edwards, Thomas, Knox, Emma, Donovan-Banfield, I'ah, Greenhalf, William, Chiong, Justin, Lavelle-Langham, Lara, Jacobs, Michael, Northey, Josh, Painter, Wendy, Holman, Wayne, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Tetlow, Michelle, Hiscox, Julian A, Jaki, Thomas, Fletcher, Tom and Griffiths, Gareth (2023) 'Molnupiravir versus placebo in unvaccinated and vaccinated patients with early SARS-CoV-2 infection in the UK (AGILE CST-2): a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, phase 2 trial.'. Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol 23, Issue 2, pp. 183-195.

Woolley, Stephen, Chambers, Robert, Bishop, Jonathan R. B., Logan, Amy, McMillan, Peter, Fletcher, Tom, Taegtmeyer, Miriam ORCID: and O'Shea, Matthew K. (2023) 'COVID-19 risk, attitudes and behaviour study (CRAB study): A knowledge, attitudes, and practise qualitative study of COVID-19 in the Royal Navy'. Frontiers in Public Health, Vol 10, e1101817.

Woolley, Stephen, Dermont, M, Adam, M, Pallet, S J C, Reece, N, Hoysal, N, Holden, G, Attridge, K K, Fletcher, Tom, O'Shea, M K, Hutley, E J, Nicol, E D and Lamb, L E (2022) 'The 2022 monkeypox outbreak: A UK military perspective.'. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, Vol 52, e102540.

Donovan-Banfield, I’ah, Penrice-Randal, Rebekah, Goldswain, Hannah, Rzeszutek, Aleksandra M., Pilgrim, Jack, Bullock, Katie, Saunders, Geoffrey, Northey, Josh, Dong, Xiaofeng, Ryan, Yan, Reynolds, Helen, Tetlow, Michelle, Walker, Lauren E., FitzGerald, Richard, Hale, Colin, Lyon, Rebecca, Woods, Christie, Ahmad, Shazaad, Hadjiyiannakis, Dennis, Periselneris, Jimstan, Knox, Emma, Middleton, Calley, Lavelle-Langham, Lara, Shaw, Victoria, Greenhalf, William, Edwards, Thomas, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Edwards, Christopher J., Darby, Alistair C., Carroll, Miles W., Griffiths, Gareth, Khoo, Saye H., Hiscox, Julian A. and Fletcher, Tom (2022) 'Characterisation of SARS-CoV-2 genomic variation in response to molnupiravir treatment in the AGILE Phase IIa clinical trial'. Nature Communications, Vol 13, Issue 1, e7284.

Gould, Susan, Atkinson, Barry, Onianwa, Okechukwu, Spencer, Antony, Furneaux, Jenna, Grieves, James, Taylor, Caroline, Milligan, Iain, Bennett, Allan, Fletcher, Tom and Dunning, Jake (2022) 'Air and surface sampling for monkeypox virus in a UK hospital: an observational study'. Lancet Microbe, Vol 3, Issue 12, e904-e911.

Webb, Eika, Michelen, Melina, Rigby, Ishmeala, Dagens, Andrew, Dahmash, Dania, Cheng, Vincent, Joseph, Reena, Lipworth, Samuel, Harriss, Eli, Cai, Erhui, Nartowski, Robert, Januraga, Pande Putu, Gedela, Keerti, Sukmaningrum, Evi, Cevik, Muge, Groves, Helen, Hart, Peter, Fletcher, Tom, Blumberg, Lucille, Horby, Peter W, Jacob, Shevin ORCID: and Sigfrid, Louise (2022) 'An evaluation of global Chikungunya clinical management guidelines: A systematic review.'. EClinicalMedicine, Vol 54, e101672.

Alam, Ali M, Lester, Rebecca ORCID:, Hoyle, Marie-Claire, Fletcher, Tom and Hine, Paul (2022) 'Increasing anti-S antibody testing: a quality improvement initiative with evolving COVID-19 guidelines.'. BMJ Open Quality, Vol 11, Issue 3, e001886.

Atkinson, Barry, Gould, Susan, Spencer, Antony, Onianwa, Okechukwu, Furneaux, Jenna, Grieves, James, Summers, Sian, Crocker-Buqué, Tim, Fletcher, Tom, Bennett, Allan M and Dunning, Jake (2022) 'Monkeypox virus contamination in an office-based workplace environment.'. Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol 130, pp. 141-143.

Webb, Eika, Rigby, Ishmeala, Michelen, Melina, Dagens, Andrew, Cheng, Vincent, Rojek, Amanda M, Dahmash, Dania, Khader, Susan, Gedela, Keerti, Norton, Alice, Cevik, Muge, Cai, Erhui, Harriss, Eli, Lipworth, Samuel, Nartowski, Robert, Groves, Helen, Hart, Peter, Blumberg, Lucille, Fletcher, Tom, Jacob, Shevin ORCID:, Sigfrid, Louise and Horby, Peter W (2022) 'Availability, scope and quality of monkeypox clinical management guidelines globally: a systematic review'. BMJ Global Health, Vol 7, Issue 8, e009838.

Adler, Hugh ORCID:, Gould, Susan, Hine, Paul, Snell, Luke B, Wong, Waison, Houlihan, Catherine F, Osborne, Jane C, Rampling, Tommy, Beadsworth, Mike BJ, Duncan, Christopher JA, Dunning, Jake, Fletcher, Tom, Hunter, Ewan R, Jacobs, Michael, Khoo, Saye H, Newsholme, William, Porter, David, Porter, Robert J, Ratcliffe, Libuše, Schmid, Matthias L, Semple, Malcolm G, Tunbridge, Anne J, Wingfield, Tom ORCID:, Price, Nicholas M and Walker, Naomi ORCID: (2022) 'Clinical features and management of human monkeypox: a retrospective observational study in the UK'. Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol 22, Issue 8, pp. 1153-1162.

FitzGerald, Richard, Dickinson, Laura, Else, Laura, Fletcher, Tom, Hale, Colin, Amara, Alieu, Walker, Lauren, Penchala, Sujan Dilly, Lyon, Rebecca, Shaw, Victoria, Greenhalf, William, Bullock, Katie, Lavelle-Langham, Lara, Reynolds, Helen, Painter, Wendy, Holman, Wayne, Ewings, Sean, Griffiths, Gareth and Khoo, Saye (2022) 'Pharmacokinetics of ß-d-N4-hydroxycytidine, the parent nucleoside of prodrug molnupiravir, in non-plasma compartments of patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection'. Clinical Infectious Diseases, Vol 75, Issue 1, e525-e528.

Mitsi, Elena, Reiné, Jesús, Urban, Britta ORCID:, SolorzanoGonzalez, Carla, Nikolaou, Elissavet, Hyder-Wright, Angela, Pojar, Sherin ORCID:, Howard, Ashleigh, Hitchins, Lisa, Glynn, Sharon, Farrar, Madlen, Liatsikos, Konstantin, Collins, Andrea ORCID:, Walker, Naomi ORCID:, Hill, Helen, German, Esther, Cheliotis, Katerina, Byrne, Rachel, Williams, Chris, CubasAtienzar, Ana, Fletcher, Tom, Adams, Emily ORCID:, Draper, Simon J, Pulido, David, Beavon, Rohini, Theilacker, Christian, Begier, Elizabeth, Jodar, Luis, Gessner, Bradford D and Ferreira, Daniela ORCID: (2022) 'Streptococcus pneumoniae colonization associates with impaired adaptive immune responses against SARS-CoV-2.'. Journal of Clinical Investigation, Vol 132, Issue 7, e157124.

Finch, Lorna, Harris, Adrian, Lester, Catherine, Veal, Dawn, Jones, Karen, Fulton, Jamie, Jones, Lewis, Lee, Matt, Walker, Tony, Rossiter, Mike, Cross, Matt, Kemp, Simon, Fletcher, Tom and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2022) 'Implementation study of SARS-CoV-2 antigen lateral flow tests in men's professional (Premiership) rugby union sports squads in England during the COVID-19 pandemic.'. The Journal of infection, Vol 84, Issue 2, E3 -E5.

Edwards, Thomas, Kay, Grant Alistair, Aljayyoussi, Ghaith, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Harland, Andy R, Pierce, Nicholas S, Calder, James D F, Fletcher, Tom and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2022) 'SARS-CoV-2 viability on sports equipment is limited, and dependent on material composition'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, e1416.

Burel, Julie G., Singhania, Akul, Dubelko, Paige, Muller, Julius, Tanner, Rachel, Parizotto, Eneida, Dedicoat, Martin, Fletcher, Tom, Dunbar, James, Cunningham, Adam F., Lindestam Arlehamn, Cecilia S., Catanzaro, Donald G., Catanzaro, Antonino, Rodwell, Timothy, McShane, Helen, O'Shea, Matthew K. and Peters, Bjoern (2021) 'Distinct blood transcriptomic signature of treatment in latent tuberculosis infected individuals at risk of developing active disease'. Tuberculosis, Vol 131, p. 102127.

Khoo, Saye H, Fitzgerald, Richard, Fletcher, Tom, Ewings, Sean, Jaki, Thomas, Lyon, Rebecca, Downs, Nicola, Walker, Lauren, Tansley-Hancock, Olana, Greenhalf, William, Woods, Christie, Reynolds, Helen, Marwood, Ellice, Mozgunov, Pavel, Adams, Emily ORCID:, Bullock, Katie, Holman, Wayne, Bula, Marcin D, Gibney, Jennifer L, Saunders, Geoffrey, Corkhill, Andrea, Hale, Colin, Thorne, Kerensa, Chiong, Justin, Condie, Susannah, Pertinez, Henry, Painter, Wendy, Wrixon, Emma, Johnson, Lucy, Yeats, Sara, Mallaerd, Kim, Radford, Mike, Fines, Keira, Shaw, Victoria, Owen, Andrew, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Jacobs, Michael and Griffiths, Gareth (2021) 'Optimal dose and safety of molnupiravir in patients with early SARS-CoV-2: a Phase I, open-label, dose-escalating, randomized controlled study'. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Vol 76, Issue 12.

Amara, Alieu, Penchala, Sujan Dilly, Else, Laura, Hale, Colin, FitzGerald, Richard, Walker, Lauren, Lyons, Rebecca, Fletcher, Tom and Khoo, Saye (2021) 'The development and validation of a novel LC-MS/MS method for the simultaneous quantification of Molnupiravir and its metabolite ß-d-N4-hydroxycytidine in human plasma and saliva'. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Vol 206, p. 114356.

Walker, Lauren, Fitzgerald, Richard, Saunders, Geoffrey, Lyon, Rebecca, Fisher, Michael, Martin, Karen, Eberhardt, Izabela, Woods, Christie, Ewings, Sean, Hale, Colin, Rajoli, Rajith, Else, Laura, Dilly-Penchala, Sujan, Amara, Alieu, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Jacobs, Michael, Pertinez, Henry, Hatchard, Parys, Waugh, Robert, Lawrence, Megan, Johnson, Lucy, Fines, Keira, Reynolds, Helen, Rowland, Timothy, Crook, Rebecca, Okenyi, Emmanuel, Byrne, Kelly, Mozgunov, Pavel, Jaki, Thomas, Khoo, Saye, Owen, Andrew, Griffiths, Gareth and Fletcher, Tom (2021) 'An Open Label, Adaptive, Phase 1 Trial of High-Dose Oral Nitazoxanide in Healthy Volunteers: An Antiviral Candidate for SARS-CoV-2'. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Vol 111, Issue 3, pp. 585-594.

Nightingale, Rebecca, Lewis, Joseph ORCID:, Monsell, Katelyn Rhiannon, Jones, Lewis, Smith, Christopher, Kundu, Shantanu, Bond, Helena, Burhan, Hassan, Fletcher, Tom, Blanchard, Thomas, Beadsworth, Mike, Hampshire, Peter, Gautam, Manish, Todd, Stacy, Jones, Gareth and Aston, Stephen (2021) 'CPAP delivered outside critical care during the second wave of COVID-19: outcomes from a UK respiratory surge unit'. BMJ Open Respiratory Research, Vol 8, Issue 1, e000907.

Griffiths, Gareth O., FitzGerald, Richard, Jaki, Thomas, Corkhill, Andrea, Reynolds, Helen, Ewings, Sean, Condie, Susannah, Tilt, Emma, Johnson, Lucy, Radford, Mike, Simpson, Catherine, Saunders, Geoffrey, Yeats, Sara, Mozgunov, Pavel, Tansley-Hancock, Olana, Martin, Karen, Downs, Nichola, Eberhart, Izabela, Martin, Jonathan W. B., Goncalves, Cristiana, Song, Anna, Fletcher, Tom, Byrne, Kelly, Lalloo, David ORCID:, Owen, Andrew, Jacobs, Michael, Walker, Lauren, Lyon, Rebecca, Woods, Christie, Gibney, Jennifer, Chiong, Justin, Chandiwana, Nomathemba, Jacob, Shevin ORCID:, Lamorde, Mohammed, Orrell, Catherine, Pirmohamed, Munir and Khoo, Saye (2021) 'AGILE: a seamless phase I/IIa platform for the rapid evaluation of candidates for COVID-19 treatment: an update to the structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised platform trial letter'. Trials, Vol 22, Issue 1, p. 487.

Abdukahil, Sheryl Ann, Abe, Ryuzo, Abel, Laurent, Absil, Lara, Acker, Andrew, Adachi, Shingo, Adam, Elisabeth, Adrião, Diana, Ainscough, Kate, Hssain, Ali Ait, Tamlihat, Younes Ait, Akimoto, Takako, Al-Dabbous, Tala, Al-Fares, Abdulrahman, Al Qasim, Eman, Alalqam, Razi, Alex, Beatrice, Alexandre, Kévin, Alfoudri, Huda, Alidjnou, Kazali Enagnon, Aliudin, Jeffrey, Allavena, Clotilde, Allou, Nathalie, Alves, João, Alves, Rita, Amaral, Maria, Ammerlaan, Heidi, Ampaw, Phoebe, Andini, Roberto, Andrejak, Claire, Angheben, Andrea, Angoulvant, François, Ansart, Séverine, Antonelli, Massimo, De Brito, Carlos Alexandre Antunes, Arabi, Yaseen, Aragao, Irene, Arcadipane, Antonio, Arenz, Lukas, Arlet, Jean-Benoît, Arnold-Day, Christel, Arora, Lovkesh, Artaud-Macari, Elise, Asensio, Angel, Assie, Jean Baptiste, Atique, Anika, Auchabie, Johann, Aumaitre, Hugues, Azemar, Laurène, Azoulay, Cécile, Bach, Benjamin, Bachelet, Delphine, Baillie, J. Kenneth, Bak, Erica, Bakakos, Agamemnon, Banisadr, Firouzé, Barbalho, Renata, Barclay, Wendy S., Barnikel, Michaela, Barrelet, Audrey, Barrigoto, Cleide, Basmaci, Romain, Rincon, Diego Fernando Bautista, Bedossa, Alexandra, Behilill, Sylvie, Beljantsev, Aleksandr, Bellemare, David, Beltrame, Anna, Beluze, Marine, Benech, Nicolas, Benkerrou, Dehbia, Bennett, Suzanne, Bento, LuÍs, Berdal, Jan-Erik, Bergeaud, Delphine, Bertolino, Lorenzo, Bessis, Simon, Bevilcaqua, Sybille, Bhavsar, Krishna, Humaid, Felwa Bin, Bissuel, François, Biston, Patrick, Bitker, Laurent, Blanco-Schweizer, Pablo, Blot, Mathieu, Boccia, Filomena, Bogaert, Debby, Bompart, François, Booth, Gareth, Borges, Diogo, Borie, Raphaël, Bos, Jeannet, Bosse, Hans Martin, Botelho-Nevers, Elisabeth, Bouadma, Lila, Bouchaud, Olivier, Bouchez, Sabelline, Bouhmani, Dounia, Bouhour, Damien, Bouiller, Kévin, Bouillet, Laurence, Bouisse, Camille, Boureau, Anne-Sophie, Bouscambert, Maude, Bouziotis, Jason, Boxma, Bianca, Boyer-Besseyre, Marielle, Boylan, Maria, Braga, Cynthia, Brandenburger, Timo, Brazzi, Luca, Breen, Dorothy, Breen, Patrick, Brickell, Kathy, Brozzi, Nicolas, Buchtele, Nina, Buesaquillo, Christian, Bugaeva, Polina, Buisson, Marielle, Burhan, Erlina, Bustos, Ingrid G., Butnaru, Denis, Cárcel, Sheila, Cabie, André, Cabral, Susana, Caceres, Eder, Callahan, Mia, Calligy, Kate, Calvache, Jose Andres, Camões, João, Campana, Valentine, Campbell, Paul, Canepa, Cecilia, Cantero, Mireia, Caraux-Paz, Pauline, Cardoso, Filipa, Cardoso, Filipe, Cardoso, Sofia, Carelli, Simone, Carlier, Nicolas, Carney, Gayle, Carpenter, Chloe, Carret, Marie-Christine, Carrier, François Martin, Carson, Gail, Casanova, Maire-Laure, Cascão, Mariana, Casimiro, José, Cassandra, Bailey, Castañeda, Silvia, Castanheira, Nidyanara, Castor-Alexandre, Guylaine, Castrillón, Henry, Castro, Ivo, Catarino, Ana, Catherine, François-Xavier, Cavalin, Roberta, Cavalli, Giulio Giovanni, Cavayas, Alexandros, Ceccato, Adrian, Cervantes-Gonzalez, Minerva, Chair, Anissa, Chakveatze, Catherine, Chan, Adrienne, Chand, Meera, Chas, Julie, Chassin, Camille, Chen, Anjellica, Chen, Yih-Sharng, Cheng, Matthew Pellan, Cheret, Antoine, Chiarabini, Thibault, Chica, Julian, Chirouze, Catherine, Chiumello, Davide, Cho, Hwa Jin, Cho, Sung Min, Cholley, Bernard, Cidade, Jose Pedro, Herreros, Jose Miguel Cisneros, Citarella, Barbara Wanjiru, Ciullo, Anna, Clarke, Jennifer, Clohisey, Sara, Codan, Cassidy, Cody, Caitriona, Coelho, Alexandra, Colin, Gwenhaël, Collins, Michael, Colombo, Sebastiano Maria, Combs, Pamela, Connelly, J. P., Connor, Marie, Conrad, Anne, Contreras, Sofía, Cooke, Graham S., Copland, Mary, Cordel, Hugues, Corley, Amanda, Cormican, Sarah, Cornelis, Sabine, Corpuz, Arianne Joy, Corvaisier, Grégory, Couffignal, Camille, Couffin-Cadiergues, Sandrine, Courtois, Roxane, D’Orleans, Charles Crepy, Croonen, Sabine, Crowl, Gloria, Crump, Jonathan, Cruz, Claudina, Csete, Marc, Cucino, Alberto, Cullen, Caroline, Cummings, Matthew, Curley, Gerard, Curlier, Elodie, Custodio, Paula, D’Aragon, Frédérick, Da Silva Filipe, Ana, Da Silveira, Charlene, D’Ortenzio, Eric, Dabaliz, Al-Awwab, Dagens, Andrew B., Dalton, Heidi, Dalton, Jo, Daneman, Nick, Dankwa, Emmanuelle A., Dantas, Jorge, De Castro, Nathalie, De Mendoza, Diego, De Oliveira França, Rafael Freitas, De Rosa, Rosanna, De Silva, Thushan, De Vries, Peter, Dean, David, Debray, Marie-Pierre, Dechert, William, Deconninck, Lauren, Decours, Romain, Delacroix, Isabelle, Delavigne, Karen, Deligiannis, Ionna, Dell’amore, Andrea, Delobel, Pierre, Demonchy, Elisa, Denis, Emmanuelle, Deplanque, Dominique, Depuydt, Pieter, Desai, Mehul, Descamps, Diane, Desvallée, Mathilde, Dewayanti, Santi Rahayu, Diallo, Alpha, Diamantis, Sylvain, Dias, André, Diaz, Juan Jose Diaz, Diaz, Rodrigo, Didier, Kévin, Diehl, Jean-Luc, Dieperink, Wim, Dimet, Jérôme, Dinot, Vincent, Diouf, Alphonsine, Dishon, Yael, Djossou, Félix, Docherty, Annemarie B., Dong, Andy, Donnelly, Christl A., Donnelly, Maria, Donohue, Chloe, Dorival, Céline, Douglas, James Joshua, Douma, Renee, Dournon, Nathalie, Downer, Triona, Downing, Mark, Drake, Tom, Dubee, Vincent, Dubos, François, Ducancelle, Alexandra, Dudman, Susanne, Dunning, Jake, Mangoni, Emanuele Durante, Duranti, Silvia, Durham, Lucian, Dussol, Bertrand, Duval, Xavier, Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Margarita, Eira, Carla, Vidal, José Ernesto, Sanharawi, Mohammed El, Elapavaluru, Subbarao, Elharrar, Brigitte, Elkheir, Natalie, Ellerbroek, Jacobien, Ellis, Rachael, Eloy, Philippine, Elshazly, Tarek, Enderle, Isabelle, Engelmann, Ilka, Enouf, Vincent, Epaulard, Olivier, Esperatti, Mariano, Esperou, Hélène, Esposito-Farese, Marina, Estevão, João, Etienne, Manuel, Etienne, Manuel, Ettalhaoui, Nadia, Everding, Anna Greti, Evers, Mirjam, Fabre, Isabelle, Faheem, Amna, Fahy, Arabella, Fairfield, Cameron J., Faria, Pedro, Farshait, Nataly, Fatoni, Arie Zainul, Faure, Karine, Fayed, Mohamed, Feely, Niamh, Fernandes, Jorge, Fernandes, Marília, Fernandes, Susana, Ferrão, Joana, Devouge, Eglantine Ferrand, Ferraz, Mário, Ferreira, Benigno, Ferrer-Roca, Ricard, Figueiredo-Mello, Claudia, Flateau, Clara, Fletcher, Tom, Florio, Letizia Lucia, Foley, Claire, Fomin, Victor, Fonseca, Claudio Duarte, Fonseca, Tatiana, Fontela, Patricia, Forsyth, Simon, Foti, Giuseppe, Fourn, Erwan, Fowler, Rob, Franch-Llasat, Diego, Fraser, Christophe, Fraser, John, Freire, Marcela Vieira, Ribeiro, Ana Freitas, Friedrich, Caren, Fry, Stéphane, Fuentes, Nora, Fukuda, Masahiro, Gómez-Junyent, Joan, Gaborieau, Valérie, Gachet, Benoît, Gaci, Rostane, 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