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Ashine, Temesgen, Eyasu, Adane, Asmamaw, Yehenew, Simma, Eba, Zemene, Endalew, Epstein, Adrienne, Brown, Rebecca, Negash, Nigatu, Kochora, Abena, Reynolds, Alison, Bulto, Mikiyas Gebremichael, Tafesse, Temesgen, Dagne, Alemayehu, Lukus, Biniyam, Esayas, Endashaw, Behaksra, Sinknesh Wolde, Woldekidan, Kidist, Kassa, Fikregabrail Aberra, Deressa, Jimma Dinsa, Assefa, Muluken, Dillu, Dereje, Assefa, Gudissa, Solomon, Hiwot, Zeynudin, Ahmed, Massebo, Fekadu, Sedda, Luigi, Donnelly, Martin ORCID:, Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Weetman, David ORCID:, Gadisa, Endalamaw and Yewhalaw, Delenasaw (2024) 'Spatiotemporal distribution and bionomics of Anopheles stephensi in different eco-epidemiological settings in Ethiopia'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 17, Issue 1, e166.

Msugupakulya, Betwel, Ngajuma, Swedi K., Ngayambwa, Athuman N., Kidwanga, Baraka E., Mpasuka, Ibrahim R., Selvaraj, Prashanth, Wilson, Anne ORCID: and Okumu, Fredros O. (2024) 'Influence of larval growth and habitat shading on retreatment frequencies of biolarvicides against malaria vectors'. Scientific Reports, Vol 14, Issue 1, e1002.

Msugupakulya, Betwel, Urio, Naomi H., Jumanne, Mohammed, Ngowo, Halfan S., Selvaraj, Prashanth, Okumu, Fredros O. and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2023) 'Changes in contributions of different Anopheles vector species to malaria transmission in east and southern Africa from 2000 to 2022'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 16, Issue 1, e408.

Jones, Chris ORCID:, Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Stanton, Michelle ORCID:, Stothard, Russell ORCID:, Guglielmo, Federica, Chirombo, James, Mafuleka, Lindiwe, Oronje, Rose and Mzilahowa, Themba (2023) 'Integrating vector control within an emerging agricultural system in a region of climate vulnerability in southern Malawi: A focus on malaria, schistosomiasis, and arboviral diseases'. Current Research in Parasitology and Vector-Borne Diseases, Vol 4, e100133.

Carrasco-Tenezaca, Majo, Jawara, Musa, Lee, Daniel Sang-Hoon, Holmes, Matthew S., Ceesay, Sainey, McCall, Philip ORCID:, Pinder, Margaret, D'Alessandro, Umberto, Knudsen, Jakob B., Lindsay, Steve W. and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2023) 'Effect of passive and active ventilation on malaria mosquito house entry and human comfort: an experimental study in rural Gambia'. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol 20, Issue 201, e20220794.

Egid, Beatrice, Jaramillo, Marcela, Lindsay, Thomas, Villegas, Clara, Mohan, Krishna, Ozano, Kim, Ospina, Raul, Ocampo, Carlos, Taylor-Brewer, Bindu, Restrepo, Carlos, Liakou, Lina and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2022) 'Integrating city resilience and mosquito-borne diseases – a multi-site case study from the Resilient Cities Network'. Cities & Health, Vol 7, Issue 3, pp. 348-362.

Shenton, Fiona C, Addissie, Adamu, Alabaster, Graham, Baziwe, Dorothy, Tenezaca, Maria Carrasco, Chinula, Dingani, Jatta, Ebrima, Jones, Robert, Jawara, Musa, Knudsen, Jakob, Krystosik, Amy Robyn, McCann, Robert, Murima, Ng’Ang’a, Mutuku, Francis, Nguela, Rachel Laure, Sanchez, Claudia Nieto, Nix, Emily, Okumu, Fredros, Ruel-Bergeron, Sarah, Spitzen, Jeroen, Tusting, Lucy S, Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Wood, Hannah, Bi Zahouli, Zahouli, Davies, Michael and Lindsay, Steve W (2022) 'Research agenda for preventing mosquito-transmitted diseases through improving the built environment in sub-Saharan Africa'. Cities & Health, Vol 6, Issue 1, pp. 72-80.

Yaro, Jean Baptiste, Tiono, Alfred B., Ouedraogo, Alphonse, Lambert, Ben, Ouedraogo, Z. Amidou, Diarra, Amidou, Traore, Adama, Lankouande, Malik, Soulama, Issiaka, Sanou, Antoine, Worrall, Eve ORCID:, Agboraw, Efundem, Sagnon, N’Fale, Ranson, Hilary ORCID:, Churcher, Thomas S., Lindsay, Steve W. and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2022) 'Risk of Plasmodium falciparum infection in south-west Burkina Faso: potential impact of expanding eligibility for seasonal malaria chemoprevention'. Scientific Reports, Vol 12, Issue 1, e1402.

Egid, Beatrice, Coulibaly, Mamadou, Dadzie, Samuel Kweku, Kamgang, Basile, McCall, Philip ORCID:, Sedda, Luigi, Toe, Kobié Hyacinthe and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2022) 'Review of the ecology and behaviour of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Western Africa and implications for vector control'. Current Research in Parasitology and Vector-Borne Diseases, Vol 2, p. 100074.

Yaro, Jean Baptiste, Tiono, Alfred B., Sanou, Antoine, Toé, Hyacinthe, Bradley, John, Ouedraogo, Alphonse, Ouedraogo, Z. Amidou, Guelbeogo, Moussa W., Agboraw, Efundem, Worrall, Eve ORCID:, Sagnon, N.’Fale, Lindsay, Steven W. and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2021) 'Risk factors associated with house entry of malaria vectors in an area of Burkina Faso with high, persistent malaria transmission and high insecticide resistance'. Malaria Journal, Vol 20, Issue 397.

Yaro, Jean Baptiste, Ouedraogo, Alphonse, Diarra, Amidou, Sombié, Salif, Ouedraogo, Z. Amidou, Nébié, Issa, Drakeley, Chris, Sirima, Sodiomon B., Tiono, Alfred B., Lindsay, Steven W. and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2021) 'Risk factors for Plasmodium falciparum infection in pregnant women in Burkina Faso: a community-based cross-sectional survey'. Malaria Journal, Vol 20, Issue 1, p. 362.

Jatta, Ebrima, Carrasco-Tenezaca, Majo, Jawara, Musa, Bradley, John, Ceesay, Sainey, D'Alessandro, Umberto, Jeffries, David, Kandeh, Balla, Sang-Hoon Lee, Daniel, Pinder, Margaret, Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Knudsen, Jakob and Lindsay, Steve W. (2021) 'Impact of increased ventilation on indoor temperature and malaria mosquito density: an experimental study in The Gambia'. Journal of The Royal Society, Interface, Vol 18, Issue 178, p. 20201030.

Tusting, Lucy S, Cairncross, Sandy, Ludolph, Ramona, Velayudhan, Raman, Wilson, Anne ORCID: and Lindsay, Steven W (2021) 'Assessing the health benefits of development interventions'. BMJ Global Health, Vol 6, Issue 2, e005169.

Lindsay, Steven W., Davies, Michael, Alabaster, Graham, Altamirano, Hector, Jatta, Ebrima, Jawara, Musa, Carrasco-Tenezaca, Majo, von Seidlein, Lorenz, Shenton, Fiona C., Tusting, Lucy S., Wilson, Anne ORCID: and Knudsen, Jakob (2021) 'Recommendations for building out mosquito-transmitted diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: the DELIVER mnemonic'. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences, Vol 376, Issue 1818, p. 20190814.

Yaro, Jean Baptiste, Ouedraogo, Alphonse, Ouedraogo, Z. Amidou, Diarra, Amidou, Lankouande, Malik, Agboraw, Efundem, Worrall, Eve ORCID:, Toe, Kobié Hyacinthe, Sanou, Antoine, Guelbeogo, W. Moussa, Sagnon, N’Fale, Ranson, Hilary ORCID:, Tiono, Alfred B., Lindsay, Steven and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2020) 'A cohort study to identify risk factors for Plasmodium falciparum infection in Burkinabe children: implications for other high burden high impact countries'. Malaria Journal, Vol 19, Issue 1, e371.

Kittayapong, Pattamaporn, Sim, Shuzhen, Ng, Lee Ching, Lindsay, Steve W and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2020) 'A greener vision for vector control: The example of the Singapore dengue control programme'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 8, e0008428.

Wu, Sean L, Sanchez C., Hector M., Henry, John M, Citron, Daniel T, Zhang, Qian, Compton, Kelly, Liang, Biyonka, Verma, Amit, Cummings, Derek A. T., Le Menach, Arnaud, Scott, Thomas W., Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Lindsay, Steven W., Moyes, Catherine L., Hancock, Penny A., Russell, Tanya L., Burkot, Thomas R, Marshall, John M., Kiware, Samson, Reiner Jr, Robert C. and Smith, David L. (2020) 'Vector bionomics and vectorial capacity as emergent properties of mosquito behaviors and ecology'. PLoS Computational Biology, Vol 16, Issue 4, e1007446.

Alwan, Nisreen A, Bhopal, Raj, Burgess, Rochelle, Colburn, Tim, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Davey Smith, George, Eggar, Matthias, Eldridge, Sandra, Gallo, Valentina, Gilthorpe, Mark S, Greenhaulgh, Trish, Griffiths, Christopher, Hunter, Paul R, Jaffar, Shabbar ORCID:, Jepson, Ruth, Low, Nicola, Martineau, Adrian, McCoy, David and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2020) 'Evidence informing the UK’s COVID-19 public health response must be transparent'. Lancet, Vol 395, Issue 10229, pp. 1036-1037.

Wilson, Anne ORCID:, Courtenay, Orin, Kelly-Hope, Louise ORCID:, Scott, Thomas W, Takken, Willem, Torr, Steve ORCID: and Lindsay, Steve W (2020) 'The importance of vector control for the control and elimination of vector-borne diseases'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 1, e0007831.

Choi, Leslie, Majambere, Silas and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2019) 'Larviciding to prevent malaria transmission'. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Vol 8, Issue CD012736.

Lindsay, Steve W., Jawara, Musa, Mwesigwa, Julia, Achan, Jane, Bayoh, Nabie, Bradley, John, Kandeh, Balla, Kirby, Matthew J., Knudsen, Jakob, Macdonald, Mike, Pinder, Margaret, Tusting, Lucy S., Weiss, Dan J., Wilson, Anne ORCID: and D’Alessandro, Umberto (2019) 'Reduced mosquito survival in metal-roof houses may contribute to a decline in malaria transmission in sub-Saharan Africa'. Scientific Reports, Vol 9, Issue 1, e7770.

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