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Adams, Emily ORCID:, Ainsworth, Mark, Anand, Rekha, Andersson, Monique I., Auckland, Kathryn, Baillie, J. Kenneth, Barnes, Eleanor, Beer, Sally, Bell, John I., Berry, Tamsin, Bibi, Sagida, Carroll, Miles, Chinnakannan, Senthil K., Clutterbuck, Elizabeth, Cornall, Richard J., Crook, Derrick W., de Silva, Thushan, Dejnirattisai, Wanwisa, Dingle, Kate E., Dold, Christina, Espinosa, Alexis, Eyre, David W., Farmer, Helen, Fernandez Mendoza, Maria, Georgiou, Dominique, Hoosdally, Sarah J., Hunter, Alastair, Jefferey, Katie, Kelly, Dominic F., Klenerman, Paul, Knight, Julian, Knowles, Clarice, Kwok, Andrew J., Leuschner, Ullrich, Levin, Robert, Liu, Chang, López-Camacho, César, Martinez, Jose, Matthews, Philippa C., McGivern, Hannah, Mentzer, Alexander J., Milton, Jonathan, Mongkolsapaya, Juthathip, Moore, Shona C., Oliveira, Marta S., Pereira, Fiona, Perez, Elena, Peto, Timothy, Ploeg, Rutger J., Pollard, Andrew, Prince, Tessa, Roberts, David J., Rudkin, Justine K., Sanchez, Veronica, Screaton, Gavin R., Semple, Malcolm G., Slon-Campos, Jose, Skelly, Donal T., Smith, Elliot Nathan, Sobrinodiaz, Alberto, Staves, Julie, Stuart, David I., Supasa, Piyada, Surik, Tomas, Thraves, Hannah, Tsang, Pat, Turtle, Lance, Walker, A. Sarah, Wang, Beibei, Washington, Charlotte, Watkins, Nicholas and Whitehouse, James (2020) 'Antibody testing for COVID-19: A report from the National COVID Scientific Advisory Panel'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 5, p. 139.

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