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Abongo, Bernard, Gimnig, John E, Torr, Steve ORCID:, Longman, Bradley, Omoke, Diana, Muchoki, Margaret, terKuile, Feiko ORCID:, Ochomo, Eric, Munga, Stephen, Samuels, Aaron M, Njiagi, Kiambo, Maas, James, Perry, Robert T, Fornadel, Christen, Donnelly, Martin ORCID: and Oxborough, Richard M (2020) 'Impact of indoor residual spraying with pirimiphos-methyl (Actellic 300CS) on entomological indicators of transmission and malaria case burden in Migori County, western Kenya'. Scientific Reports, Vol 10, E4518.

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Amvongo-Adjia, Nathalie, Riveron, Jacob ORCID:, Njiokou, Flobert, Wanji, Samuel and Wondji, Charles ORCID: (2020) 'Influence of a Major Mountainous Landscape Barrier (Mount Cameroon) on the Spread of Metabolic (GSTe2) and Target-Site (Rdl) Resistance Alleles in the African Malaria Vector Anopheles funestus'. Genes, Vol 11, Issue 12, p. 1492.

Atoyebi, Seun M., Tchigossou, Genevieve M., Akoton, Romaric, Riveron, Jacob ORCID:, Irving, Helen, Weedall, Gareth ORCID:, Tossou, Eric, Djegbe, Innocent, Oyewole, Isaac O., Bakare, Adekunle A., Wondji, Charles ORCID: and Djouaka, Rousseau (2020) 'Investigating the molecular basis of multiple insecticide resistance in a major malaria vector Anopheles funestus (sensu stricto) from Akaka-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria'. Parasites & Vectors, Vol 13, Issue 423.


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Brown, Faye, Paton, Douglas, Catteruccia, Flaminia, Ranson, Hilary ORCID: and Ingham, Victoria ORCID: (2020) 'A steroid hormone agonist reduces female fitness in insecticide-resistant Anopheles populations'. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vol 121, p. 103372.

Bryant, J.A, Morris, F.C, Knowles, T, Maderbocus, R, Heinz, Eva ORCID:, Boelter, G, Alodaini, D, Coyler, A, Wotherspoon, P, Staunton, K, Jeeves, M, Browning, D, Sevastsyanovich, Y, Wells, T, Rossiter, A, Bavro, V, Sridhar, P, Ward, D, Chong, Z-S, Goodhall, E, Icke, C, Teo, A, Chng, S-S, Roper, D, Lithgow, T, Cunningham, A, Banzhaf, M, Overduin, M and Henderson, I (2020) 'Structure of dual BON-domain protein DolP identifies phospholipid binding as a new mechanism for protein localisation'. eLife, Vol 2020, Issue 9, e62614.

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Byrne, Rachel, Kay, Grant Alistair, Kontogianni, Konstantina, Aljayyoussi, Ghaith, Brown, Lottie, Collins, Andrea ORCID:, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID:, Fletcher, Tom, Fraser, Alice, Garrod, Gala, Hill, Helen, Hughes, Grant ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie ORCID:, Mitsi, Elena, Owen, Sophie ORCID:, Patterson, Ian ORCID:, Todd, Stacy, Williams, Chris, Hyder-Wright, Angela, Adams, Emily ORCID: and CubasAtienzar, Ana (2020) 'Saliva Alternative to Upper Respiratory Swabs for SARS-CoV-2 Diagnosis'. Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol 26, Issue 11, pp. 2769-2770.


Castano, Maria, Ndeffo-Mbah, Martial L, Rock, Kat S, Palmer, Cody, Knock, Edward, Mwamba Miaka, Erick, Ndung’u, Joseph M, Torr, Steve ORCID:, Verle, Paul, Spencer, Simon E F, Galvani, Alison, Bever, Catlin, Keeling, Matt J and Chitnis, Nakul (2020) 'Assessing the impact of aggregating disease stage data in model predictions of human African trypanosomiasis transmission and control activities in Bandundu province (DRC)'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 1, e0007976.

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Cooper, Lisa, Bunnefeld, Lynsey, Hearn, Jack ORCID:, Cook, James M, Lohse, Konrad and Stone, Graham N (2020) 'Low coverage genomic data resolve the population divergence and gene flow history of an Australian rain forest fig wasp.'. Molecular ecology, Vol 29, Issue 19, pp. 3649-3666.

Corder, Rodrigo M., Ferreira, Marcelo U. and Gomes, Gabriela ORCID: (2020) 'Modelling the epidemiology of residual Plasmodium vivax malaria in a heterogeneous host population: a case study in the Amazon Basin'. PLoS Computational Biology, Vol 16, Issue 3, e1007377.

Cunningham, Lucas, Lingley, Jessica, Tirados, Inaki ORCID:, Esterhuizen, Johan, Opiyo, Mercy, Mangwiro, Clement, Lehane, Mike and Torr, Steve ORCID: (2020) 'Evidence of the absence of Human African Trypanosomiasis in two Northern Districts of Uganda: analyses of cattle, pigs and tsetse flies for the presence of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 4, e0007737.


Defo Talom, Armand, Agnes Essoung, Michele, Gbankoto, Adam, Tchigossou, Genevieve, Akoton, Romaric, Bangana, Sahabi Bio, Atoyebi, Seun Michael, Fotso, Apollin Kuate, Verspoor, Rudi L., Tamò, Manuele, Tchuinkam, Timoleon, Lehman, Gustave Leopold, Wondji, Charles ORCID:, Lines, Jo and Djouaka, Rousseau (2020) 'A preliminary analysis on the effect of copper on Anopheles coluzzii insecticide resistance in vegetable farms in Benin'. Scientific Reports, Vol 10, Issue 6392.

Djamouko-Djonkam, Landre, Leslie Nkahe, Diane, Kopya, Edmond, Talipouo, Abdou, Sandra Ngadjeu, Carmene, Doumbe-Belisse, Patricia, Bamou, Roland, Awono-Ambene, Parfait, Tchuinkam, Timoléon, Wondji, Charles ORCID: and Antonio-Nkondjio, Christophe (2020) 'Implication of Anopheles funestus in malaria transmission in the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon'. Parasite-Journal De La Societe Francaise De Parasitologie, Vol 27, Issue 10.

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Dormann, Claire, Duda, Kirsten, Hamainza, Busiku, Yewhalaw, Delenesaw, Hemingway, Charlotte, Coleman, Marlize, Coleman, Michael ORCID: and Thomsen, Edward ORCID: (2020) 'Evaluation of a game-based training course to build capacity for insecticide resistance management in vector control programmes'. PLoS ONE, Vol 15, Issue 10, e0240514.

Dzib-Florez, S, Ponce-García, G, Medina-Barreiro, A, González-Olvera, G, Contreras-Perera, Y, Del Castillo-Centeno, F, Ahmed, A, Che-Mendoza, A, McCall, Philip ORCID:, Vazquez-Prokopec, G and Manrique-Saide, P (2020) 'Evaluating Over-the-Counter Household Insecticide Aerosols for Rapid Vector Control of Pyrethroid-Resistant Aedes aegypti'. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Vol 103, Issue 5, pp. 2108-2112.


Elanga-Ndille, Emmanuel, Binyang, Achille, Ndo, Cyrille, Assatse, Tatiane, Nouage, Lynda, Tchouakui, Magellan, Tene-Fossog, Billy, Kekeunou, Sevilor and Wondji, Charles ORCID: (2020) 'Entomological indicators of malaria transmission and insecticide resistance profile of Anopheles gambiae at the early phase of irrigated rice farming in the forest area of central Cameroon'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 5, p. 190.

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Fang, Zhiqiang, Tang, Chang-Ti, Zhu, Ying, Xiong, Tieyi, Sinclair, Frazer, Hearn, Jack ORCID:, Mikolajczak, Katarzyna M, Melika, George, Stone, Graham N and Fang, Shengguo (2020) 'Lithosaphonecrus edurus Fang, Melika, and Tang, a New Cynipid Inquiline Species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Synergini) from Sichuan, China'. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, Vol 122, Issue 4, pp. 805-820.

Fang, Zhiqiang, Tang, Chang-Ti, Nicholls, James A, Zhu, Ying, Xiong, Tieyi, Hearn, Jack ORCID:, Sinclair, Frazer, Melika, George, Nieves-Aldrey, José Luis, Csóka, György, Mikolajczak, Katarzyna M, Stone, Graham N and Fang, Shengguo (2020) 'A New Genus of Oak Gallwasp, Heocynips Fang, Nieves-Aldrey, and Melika (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini), from China'. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, Vol 122, Issue 4, pp. 787-804.

Fotakis, Emmanouil A., Mastrantonio, Valentina, Grigoraki, Linta ORCID:, Porretta, Daniele, Puggioli, Arianna, Chaskopoulou, Alexandra, Osório, Hugo, Weill, Mylène, Bellini, Romeo, Urbanelli, Sandra and Vontas, John (2020) 'Identification and Detection of a Novel Point Mutation in the Chitin Synthase Gene of Culex Pipiens Associated With Diflubenzuron Resistance'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 5, e0008284.

Fuseini, Godwin, Ismail, Hanafy ORCID:, Fricken, Michael E. von, Weppelmann, Thomas A, Smith, Jordan, Logan, Rhiannon ORCID:, Oladepo, Folasade, Walker, Kyle, Phir, Wonder P, Paine, Mark ORCID: and Garcia, Guillermo A (2020) 'Improving the performance of spray operators through monitoring and evaluation of insecticide concentrationsof pirimiphos-methyl during indoor residual spraying for malaria control on Bioko Island'. Malaria Journal, Vol 19, e35.


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Garrod, Gala, Adams, Emily ORCID:, Lingley, Jessica, Saldanha, Isabel, Torr, Steve ORCID: and Cunningham, Lucas (2020) 'A pilot study demonstrating the identification of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and T. b. rhodesiense in vectors using a multiplexed high-resolution melt qPCR'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 11, e0008308.

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Gueye, Oumou. K, Tchouakui, Magellan, Dia, Abdoulaye K, Tripet, Frederic, Konaté, Lassana, Diabate, Abdoulaye, Dia, Ibrahima, Gaye, Oumar, Faye, Ousmane, Niang, El Hadji and Wondji, Charles ORCID: (2020) 'Insecticide Resistance Profiling of Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles gambiae Populations in the Southern Senegal: Role of Target Sites and Metabolic Resistance Mechanisms'. Genes, Vol 11, Issue 12, p. 1403.


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