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Abotsi, Regina E., Nicol, Mark P., McHugh, Grace, Simms, Victoria, Rehman, Andrea M., Barthus, Charmaine, Mbhele, Slindile, Moyo, Brewster W., Ngwira, Lucky-Gift, Mujuru, Hilda, Makamure, Beauty, Mayini, Justin, Odland, Jon Ø., Ferrand, Rashida A. and Dube, Felix S. (2021) 'Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance profiles of respiratory microbial flora in African children with HIV-associated chronic lung disease'. BMC Infectious Diseases, Vol 21, Issue 1, p. 216.

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Bower, Hilary, Karsany, Mubarak el, Alhadi Adam Hussein Adam, Abd, Idriss, Mubarak Ibrahim, Alzain, Ma’aaza Abasher, Alfakiyousif, Mohamed Elamin Ahmed, Mohamed, Rehab, Mahmoud, Iman, Albadri, Omer, Mahmoud, Suha Abdulaziz Alnour, Abdalla, Orwa Ibrahim, Eldigai, Mawahib, Elagib, Nuha, Arnold, Ulrike, Gutierrez, Bernardo, Pybus, Oliver G., Carter, Daniel P., Pullan, Steven T, Jacob, Shevin ORCID:, Abdallah, Tajeldin Mohammedein, Gannon, Benedict and Fletcher, Tom (2021) '“Kankasha” in Kassala: A prospective observational cohort study of the clinical characteristics, epidemiology, genetic origin, and chronic impact of the 2018 epidemic of Chikungunya virus infection in Kassala, Sudan'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 15, Issue 4, e0009387.

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