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Abongo, Bernard, Gimnig, John E, Torr, Steve ORCID:, Longman, Bradley, Omoke, Diana, Muchoki, Margaret, terKuile, Feiko ORCID:, Ochomo, Eric, Munga, Stephen, Samuels, Aaron M, Njiagi, Kiambo, Maas, James, Perry, Robert T, Fornadel, Christen, Donnelly, Martin ORCID: and Oxborough, Richard M (2020) 'Impact of indoor residual spraying with pirimiphos-methyl (Actellic 300CS) on entomological indicators of transmission and malaria case burden in Migori County, western Kenya'. Scientific Reports, Vol 10, E4518.

Abrams, Simon, Morton, Ben ORCID:, Alhamdi, YasiR, Alsabani, Mohmad, Cheng, Zhenxing, Lane, Steven, Welters, Ingeborg, Wang, Guozheng and Toh, Cheng-Hock (2020) 'A novel assay of neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) formation identifies anti-IL-8 therapies to reduce disseminated intravascular coagulation and mortality in the intensive care unit'. Clinical Medicine, Vol 20, Issue Suppl 2, s114-s115.

Acharya, Bodhraj, Acharya, Ashma, Gautam, Sanjay, Ghimire, Sagar Prasad, Mishra, Gokul, Parajuli, Navin and Sapkota, Bishwa (2020) 'Advances in diagnosis of Tuberculosis: an update into molecular diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis'. Molecular Biology Reports, Vol 47, pp. 4065-4075.

Adler, Hugh ORCID:, Ball, Robert, Fisher, Michael, Mortimer, Kalani and Vardhan, Madhur S (2020) 'Low rate of bacterial co-infection in patients with COVID-19'. lancet microbe, Vol 1, Issue 2, E62.

Ahmed, Sayem ORCID:, Sarker, Abdur Razzaque, Sultana, Marufa, Roth, Felix, Mahumud, Rashidul Alam, Kamruzzaman, Md., Hasan, Zahid, Mirelman, Andrew J., Islam, Ziaul, Niessen, Louis ORCID:, Rehnberg, Clas, Khan, A K Azad, Gyr, Niklaus and Khan, Jahangir ORCID: (2020) 'Do employer-sponsored health insurance schemes affect the utilisation of medically trained providers and out-of-pocket payments among ready-made garment workers? A case–control study in Bangladesh'. BMJ Open, Vol 10, Issue 3, E030298.

Ahmed, Sayem ORCID:, Hasan, MZ, Pongsiri, MJ, Ahmed, MW and Szabo, S (2020) 'Effect of extreme weather events on injury, disability, and death in Bangladesh'. Climate and Development. (In Press)

Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie and Pleass, Richard ORCID: (2020) 'Animal derived antibodies should be considered alongside convalescent human plasma to deliver treatments for COVID-19'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 5, Issue 115.

Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Menzies, Stefanie, Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: and Harrison, Robert (2020) 'An analysis of pre-clinical efficacy testing of antivenoms for sub-Saharan Africa: Inadequate independent scrutiny and poor-quality reporting are barriers to improving snakebite treatment and management'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 8, e0008579.

Ajendra, Jesuthas, Chenery, Alistair L., Parkinson, James E., Chan, Brian H. K., Pearson, Stella, Colombo, Stefano, Boon, Louis, Grencis, Richard K., Sutherland, Tara E. and Allen, Judith E. (2020) 'IL-17A both initiates, via IFNγ suppression, and limits the pulmonary type-2 immune response to nematode infection'. Mucosal Immunology. (In Press)

Akindolire, Abimbola, Talbert, Alison, Sinha, Ian, Embleton, Nicholas, Allen, Stephen ORCID:, Akinyinka, Olusegun, Omuru, Dominic D, Ezeaka, Chinyere, Ezenwa, Beatrice, Fajolu, Iretiola, Imam, Zainab, Mwangome, Martha, Talbert, Alison, Andang’o, Pauline, Otieno, Walter, Nalwa, Grace, Sinha, Ian, Wijgert, Janneke van de, Gladstone, Melissa, Mortimer, Kevin ORCID:, Devereux, Graham ORCID:, Abubakar, Ismaela, Turner, Stephen, Embleton, Nicholas, Nabwera, Helen, Allen, Stephen ORCID:, Abdulkadir, Isa, Tongo, Olukemi and Akindolire, Abimbola (2020) 'Evidence that informs feeding practices in very low birthweight and very preterm infants in sub-Saharan Africa: an overview of systematic reviews'. BMJ Paediatrics Open, Vol 4, Issue 1, e000724.

Akramuzzaman, SyedMohd, Howie, Stephen RC, Ochoge, Magnus, Secka, Ousman, Bah, Alasana, Baldeh, Ignatius, Sanneh, Bakary, Darboe, Saffiatou, Ceesay, Buntung, Camara, Haddy Bah, Mawas, Fatme, Ndiaye, Malick, Hossain, Ilias, Salaudeen, Rasheed, Bojang, Kalifa, Ceesay, Samba, Sowe, Dawda, Hossain, M Jahangir, Mulholland, Kim, Kwambana-Adams, Brenda A, Okoi, Catherine, Badjie, Siaka, Ceesay, Lamin, Mwenda, Jason M, Cohen, Adam L, Agocs, Mary, Mihigo, Richard, Bottomley, Christian, Antonio, Martin and Mackenzie, Grant A (2020) 'Impact of routine vaccination against Haemophilus influenzae type b in The Gambia: 20 years after its introduction'. Journal of Global Health, Vol 10, e010416.

Aktar, Bachera, Alam, Wafa, Ali, Samiha, Awal, Abdul, Bayoh, Margaret, Chumo, Ivy, Contay, Yirah, Conteh, Abu, Dean, Laura ORCID:, Dobson, Skye, Edstrom, Jerker, Elsey, Helen, Farnaz, Nadia, Garimella, Surekha, Gray, Linsay, Gupte, Jaideep, Hawkins, Kate, Hollihead, Beth, Josyula, Kunhi Lakshmi, Kabaria, Caroline, Karuga, Robinson, Kimani, Joseph, Leyland, Alastair, Lintelo, Dolf te, Mansaray, Bintu, Macarthy, Joseph, Macgregor, Hayley, Mberu, Blessing, Muturi, Nelly, Okoth, Linet, Otiso, Lilian, Ozano, Kim, Parray, Ateeb, Phillips-Howard, Penelope ORCID:, Rao, Vinodkumar, Rashid, Sabina, Raven, Joanna ORCID:, Refell, Francis, Saidu, Samuel, Sobhan, Shafinaz, Subramanya Saligram, Prasanna, Sesay, Samira, Theobald, Sally ORCID:, Tolhurst, Rachel ORCID:, Tubb, Philippa, Waldman, Linda, Waritu, Jane, Whittaker, Lana ORCID: and Wurie, Haja Ramatulai (2020) 'How to prevent and address safeguarding concerns in global health research programmes: practice, process and positionality in marginalised spaces'. BMJ Global Health, Vol 5, Issue 5, e002253.

Alatawi, Ahmed, Niessen, Louis ORCID: and Khan, Jahangir ORCID: (2020) 'Efficiency evaluation of public hospitals in Saudi Arabia: an application of data envelopment analysis'. BMJ Open, Vol 10, Issue 1, e031924.

Albulescu, Laura-Oana, Hales, MS, Ainsworth, Stuart ORCID:, Alsolaiss, Jaffar, Crittenden, Edouard, Calvete, Juan, Evans, Chloe, Wilkinson, Mark ORCID:, Harrison, Robert, Kool, Jeroen and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2020) 'Preclinical validation of a repurposed metal chelator as an early intervention therapeutic for hemotoxic snakebite'. Science Translational Medicine, Vol 12, Issue 542, eaay8314.

Albulescu, Laura-Oana, Xie, C, Hale, M, Calvete, JJ, Harrison, Robert, Kool, J and Casewell, Nicholas ORCID: (2020) 'Repurposing DMPS, a metal chelator, as a rapid field intervention for treating hemotoxic snakebite'. Toxicon, Vol 177, Issue S1, s21.

Alexander, Neal, Lenhart, Audrey and Anaya-Izquierdo, Karim (2020) 'Spatial spillover analysis of a cluster-randomized trial against dengue vectors in Trujillo, Venezuela'. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol 14, Issue 9, e0008576.

Alhassan, Yussif ORCID:, Twimukye, Adeline, Malaba, Thoko, Orrell, Catherine, Myer, Landon, Waitt, Catriona, Lamorde, Mohammed, Kambugu, Andrew, Reynolds, Helen, Khoo, Saye and Taegtmeyer, Miriam ORCID: (2020) 'Engendering health systems in response to national rollout of dolutegravir-based regimens among women of childbearing potential: a qualitative study with stakeholders in South Africa and Uganda'. BMC Health Services Research, Vol 20, p. 705.

Aljayyoussi, Ghaith (2020) 'The harms of police frisking in times of a pandemic'. Lancet, Vol 396, p. 91.

Almebairik, Nada, Zamudio, Roxana, Ironside, Corinne, Joshi, Chaitanya, Ralph, Joseph D., Roberts, Adam ORCID:, Gould, Ian M., Morrissey, Julie A., Hijazi, Karolin and Oggioni, Marco R. (2020) 'Genomic Stability of Composite SCCmec ACME and COMER-Like Genetic Elements in Staphylococcus epidermidis Correlates With Rate of Excision'. Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol 11.

Alufandika, Melanie, Lawrence, David S, Boyer-Chammard, Timothée, Kanyama, Cecilia, Ndhlovu, Chiratidzo E, Mosepele, Mosepele, Tugume, Lillian, Meya, David, Boulware, David R, Rhein, Joshua, Muzoora, Conrad, Youssouf, Nabila, Molloy, Síle F, Schutz, Charlotte, Lortholary, Olivier, Meintjes, Graeme, Mwandumba, Henry ORCID:, Harrison, Thomas S and Jarvis, Joseph N (2020) 'A pragmatic approach to managing antiretroviral therapy-experienced patients diagnosed with HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis: impact of antiretroviral therapy adherence and duration.'. AIDS, Vol 34, Issue 9, pp. 1425-1428.

Alwan, Nisreen A, Bhopal, Raj, Burgess, Rochelle, Colburn, Tim, Cuevas, Luis ORCID:, Davey Smith, George, Eggar, Matthias, Eldridge, Sandra, Gallo, Valentina, Gilthorpe, Mark S, Greenhaulgh, Trish, Griffiths, Christopher, Hunter, Paul R, Jaffar, Shabbar ORCID:, Jepson, Ruth, Low, Nicola, Martineau, Adrian, McCoy, David and Wilson, Anne ORCID: (2020) 'Evidence informing the UK’s COVID-19 public health response must be transparent'. Lancet, Vol 395, Issue 10229, pp. 1036-1037.

Amoah, Abena S., Hoekstr, Pytsje T., Casacuberta-Partal, Miriam, Coffeng, Luc E., Corstjens, Paul L.A.M, Greco, Beatrice, van Lieshout, Lisette, Lim, Mark D, Markwalter, Christine F., Odiere, Maurice R., Reinhard-Rupp, Jutta, Roestenberg, Meta, Stothard, Russell ORCID:, Tchuenté, Louis-Albert Tchuem, de Vlas, Sake J. and van Dam, Govert J. (2020) 'Sensitive diagnostic tools and targeted drug administration strategies are needed to eliminate schistosomiasis'. Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol 20, Issue 7, e165-e172.

Archer, John, O’Halloran, Lisa, Alsheri, Al-Shehri, Summers, Shannan, Bhattacharyya, Tapan, Kabaterine, Narcis, Atuhaire, Aaron, Adriko, Moses, Arianaitwe, Moses, Stewart, Martyn ORCID:, LaCourse, James ORCID:, Webster, Bonnie, Bustinduy, Amaya and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2020) 'Intestinal schistosomiasis and giardiasis co-infection in sub-Saharan Africa: Can a One Health approach improve control of each waterborne parasite simultaneously?'. Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease, Vol 5, Issue 3, p. 137.

Archer, John, LaCourse, James ORCID:, Webster, L. Bonnie and Stothard, Russell ORCID: (2020) 'An update on non-invasive urine diagnostics for human-infecting parasitic helminths: what more could be done and how?'. Parasitology, Vol 147, Issue 8, pp. 873-888.

Arevalo-Rodriguez, Ingrid, Steingart, Karen, Tricco, Andrea C., Nussbaumer-Streit, Barbara, Kaunelis, David, Alonso-Coello, Pablo, Baxter, Susan, Bossuyt, Patrick M., Emparanza, José Ignacio and Zamora, Javier (2020) 'Current methods for development of rapid reviews about diagnostic tests: an international survey'. BMC Medical Research Methodology, Vol 20, Issue 115.

Arguedas, Adriano, Trzciński, Trzciński Krzysztof, O’Brien, Katherine, Ferreira, Daniela ORCID:, Wyllie, Anne, Weinberger, Daniel, Danon, Leon, Pelton, Stephen, Azzari, Chiara, Hammitt, Laura, Sá-Leão, Raquel, Brandileone, Maria-Cristina, Saha, Samir, Suaya, Jose, Isturiz, Raul, Jodar, Luis and Gessner, Bradford (2020) 'Upper Respiratory Tract Colonization With Streptococcus pneumoniae in Adults'. Expert Review of Vaccines, Vol 19, Issue 4, pp. 353-366.

Armoo, Samuel, Cunningham, Lucas, Campbell, Suzy J., Aboagye, Frank T., Boampong, Freda K., Hamidu, Buhari A., Osei-Atweneboana, Mike Y., Stothard, Russell ORCID: and Adams, Emily ORCID: (2020) 'Detecting Schistosoma mansoni infections among pre-school-aged children in southern Ghana: a diagnostic comparison of urine-CCA, real-time PCR and Kato-Katz assays'. BMC Infectious Diseases, Vol 20, Issue 1.

Arshad, Usman, Pertinez, Henry, Box, Helen, Tatham, Lee, Rajoli, Rajith KR, Curley, Paul, Neary, Megan, Sharp, Joanne, Liptrott, Neill J, Valentijn, Anthony, David, Christopher, Rannard, Steve P, O’Neill, Paul M, Aljayyoussi, Ghaith, Pennington, Shaun ORCID:, Ward, Steve ORCID:, Hill, Andrew, Back, David J, Khoo, Saye H, Bray, Patrick G, Biagini, Giancarlo ORCID: and Owen, Andrew (2020) 'Prioritisation of Anti‐SARS‐Cov‐2 Drug Repurposing Opportunities Based on Plasma and Target Site Concentrations Derived from their Established Human Pharmacokinetics'. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. (In Press)

Ashley, Elizabeth, McLean, Alistair, Chiara, Francesca, Feasey, Nicholas ORCID:, Jaoko, Walter, Opintan, Japheth A., Peacock, Sharon J. and Tuner, Paul (2020) 'Setting priorities for patient-centred surveillance of drug-resistant infections'. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Vol 97, pp. 60-65.

Augusto, Orvalho, Stergachis, Andy, Dellicour, Stephanie, Tinto, Halidou, Valá, Anifa, Ruperez, Maria, Macete, Eusébio, Nakanabo-Diallo, Seydou, Kazienga, Adama, Valéa, Innocent, d'Alessandro, Umberto, terKuile, Feiko ORCID:, Calip, Gregory S, Ouma, Peter, Desai, Meghna and Sevene, Esperança (2020) 'First trimester use of artemisinin-based combination therapy and the risk of low birth weight and small for gestational age.'. Malaria Journal, Vol 19, Issue 1, p. 144.

Baba, Amuda, Theobald, Sally ORCID:, Martineau, Tim ORCID:, Sabuni, P, Nobabo, NM, Alitimango, A and Raven, Joanna ORCID: (2020) 'Being a midwife is being prepared to help women in very difficult conditions”: midwives’ experiences of working in the rural and fragile settings of Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo'. Rural and Remote Health, Vol 20, Issue 2, p. 5677.

Bajda, Sabina and Grigoraki, Linta ORCID: (2020) 'Integrated pest management: Novel tools, remaining challenges, and intriguing non-target effects'. Current Opinion in Insect Science, Vol 39, iii-v.

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Banke-Thomas, Aduragbemi, Ayomoh, Francis Ifeanyi, Omolade Abejirinde, Ibukun-Oluwa, Banke-Thomas, Oluwasola, Eboreime, Ejemai Amaize and Ameh, Charles ORCID: (2020) 'Cost of Utilising Maternal Health Services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review'. International Journal of Health Policy Management. (In Press)

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Banke-Thomas, Aduragbemi, Ibukun- Oluwa, Omolade Abejirinde, Ayomoh, Francis Ifeany, Banke-Thomas, Oluwasola, Eboreime, Ejemai Amaize and Ameh, Charles ORCID: (2020) 'The cost of maternal health services in low- income and middle- income countries from a provider’s perspective: a systematic review'. BMJ Global Health, e002371.

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Barrett, Hazel Rose, Brown, Katherine, Alhassan, Yussif ORCID: and Leye, Els (2020) 'Transforming social norms to end FGM in the EU: an evaluation of the REPLACE Approach'. Reproductive Health, Vol 17, Issue 40.

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Bates, Imelda ORCID:, Chabala, Lydia M, Murray Lark, R, MacDonald, Alan, Mapfumo, Paul, Mtambanengwe, Florence, Nalivata, Patson C, Owen, Richard, Phiri, Elijah and Pulford, Justin ORCID: (2020) 'Letter to the Editor: Response to Global soil science research collaboration in the 21st century: Time to end helicopter research by Minasny et al.'. Geoderma, Vol 378, Issue 114559.

Bates, Jane, Muula, Adamson, Gordon, Stephen ORCID:, Henrion, Marc, Tomeny, Ewan ORCID:, MacPherson, Peter ORCID:, Squire, Bertel ORCID: and Niessen, Louis ORCID: (2020) 'Study protocol for a single-centre observational study of household wellbeing and poverty status following a diagnosis of advanced cancer in Blantyre, Malawi - ‘Safeguarding the Family’ study'. Wellcome Open Research, Vol 5, Issue 2.

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Bishop, Ian J, Gertz, Alida M, Simon, Boikhutso, Tawe, Leabaneng, Lechiile, Kwana, Liu, Serena, Teodoro, Nicholas, Mussa, Aamirah, Avalos, Ava, Malima, Sifelani, Maotwe, Tshego, Mokganya, Lesego, Westhoff, Carolyn L and Morroni, Chelsea ORCID: (2020) 'Etonogestrel concentrations among contraceptive implant users in Botswana using and not using dolutegravir-based antiretroviral therapy'. Contraception. (In Press)

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